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Friday, December 28, 2012

NRA: To See Where Gun Licensing Leads Look to Great Britain

Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Press Conference

The NRA did an excellent job today of responding to the idiot liberals and representing the situation accurately. I am glad they did not bend to the whims of liberal opinion. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he stole material from my post yesterday. : )

Look at the childish liberal code pink occupiers, with their signs colored with crayons, who refuse to listen to logic. They are perfectly happy disarming people who could have stopped the shooting from happening. The "assault weapons" these idiots want to ban function the same as any semi auto rifle. One shot per trigger pull. 

But what can we expect from liberals except to be abjectly ignorant, and give stupid opinions based on no facts, like children making a scene because they want candy. We should all be glad they didn't show up in vagina costumes like they have in the past. It would be too bad if the janitor had to mop sand off the floor.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Connecticut Shooting/ Gun Ban

Of course whenever a psycho shoots people with guns, the first thing Democrats want to do is find ways to take away your protection by taking away your guns.

After the shooting in Connecticut, Obama, the man who brought us Operation Fast and Furious, which killed a federal agent, and sold guns to Mexican drug cartels, wants another assault weapons ban, like the Clinton ban in 1994. In his speech he talks about all of the gun violence that has killed innocent people, but doesn't talk about any lives that were saved in self defense. Listen to this man try and sound reasonable:

The Clinton ban banned weapons with features such as a "barrel shroud," pistol grip, retractable stock. Something that looks like this:

But this was perfectly okay:

If you didn't already know, IT'S THE SAME GUN WITH THE SAME OPERATING PARTS BUT DIFFERENT FURNITURE! Both are only semi automatic (one shot per trigger pull) and use the same bullets. But somehow the first one is an "assault weapon" but the other is not. One is supposedly making psychos go out and kill people, but apparently, if they didn't have those features on the gun, those psychos would just behave.

The proof that this gun grabbing Marxist is lying through his teeth, and he knows assault rifles are good for personal protection, is the arsenal the secret service uses to protect him. I don't know about you, but I don't have a security entourage going hours ahead of time to every place I visit ensuring that it is safe. Not to mention his security detail is equipped with fully automatic assault rifles (multiple shots per trigger pull) even when he is cruising around, not in a hostile country, but in Washington DC:

Why is it that the president, who is supposed to be our public servant, has guns protecting him that are actual fully automatic military rifles, while for our protection, he wants to prevent us from owning single shot semi auto rifles that look like the ones that protect him? Absolute Hypocrisy!

The Declaration of Independence says:

“... when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

By the time we get around to it, we are supposed to do all that with bows and arrows, while government agents are equipped with tanks, jets, and the latest and greatest weaponry funded by you and your future generation's tax dollars. What is going on in this country? Are we living in pre-WWII Germany?

Back to the situation in Connecticut. If the teachers and administrators were armed, it would not have stopped the psycho from killing, but perhaps it would have stopped him from killing so many. If some of the school administrators and teachers had guns, they could have stopped the psycho, dead. You see, that school is a "gun free zone." If "gun free zones" worked, this would never have happened. A nation-wide gun ban makes the whole country a "gun free zone." What makes anyone think it will work?

Liberals refuse to see logic. The case of gun control is no exception. Even though piles upon piles of evidence and past precedence suggests gun bans only increase crime rates, and make it less safe, they pigheadedly believe that gun bans are a good idea. Check out this video on what happens after guns were banned in Australia:

Meanwhile, while all this is happening, what is the NRA doing? Cowering like little girls, taking down their facebook page, and giveaway promotions. They will be making a speech tomorrow. If they give way, and fail to stand up for our 2nd amendment rights, on the pretense that guns are only for sporting and hunting animals, as I have heard them state time and time again, then you will know, they are only a spineless organization as useless as a RINO Republican.

The Marxist wants to use this terrible tragedy as a political stepping stone, as a means to ban "assault weapons." He is also talking about taxing ammo at ridiculous rates. Criminals don't follow gun laws! If anything, there will be more deaths if Dear Leader succeeds. Make no mistake, the next few months will be crucial, call your congressman and senators and tell them to oppose any gun bans that will be at best ineffective, and at worse, increase the crime rate! The gun grabbers are coming!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remember Katrina

US Soldiers go street to street confiscating guns from citizens. What 2nd amendment?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama "too polite" during the Debate

That's right! What we need is for him to express what he really believes, and be rude about it!

For instance Barack Obama believes...

  •  Taxes need to be raised "for purposes of fairness" even if the government receives less revenue:

  •  The forced seizing of wealth and redistribution by government is "neighborliness":

  •  A baby born after a botched abortion should be left out to die:

As long as he admits all of these things in a rude manner, he'll win the next debate! Obviously, we all know he didn't lose the last debate because of what he's done in office, or that Mitt Romney called him out and absolutely crushed him on his policy, making him look like a fool and a hypocrite. No, not at all because of things like this:

So I urge Obama to stop being "too polite" for the next debate. He needs to be downright rude and more adamant about about what he believes in. This surely will lead to victory in not only the debate, but the upcoming election.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do You Feel Safe?

US Embassy, Libya

US Embassy, Egypt

US Embassy, Yemen

That last video has nothing to do with any of this and doesn't show the abject ignorance of this administration toward the Middle East situation. It's not Obama's fault he supported the Arab Spring. You see, according to the media, it's Mitt Romney's fault for jumping the gun.

See, Obama had nothing to do with national security or foreign policy! He's only the president of the USA. It's Mitt Romney's fault all along! Because Barack Obama is so unquestionably qualified, we need to question if Mitt Romney is ready to be commander in chief! Can you believe the hypocrisy?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

North Korea

Here's an older, but still informative video about North Korea.

Similarly, we can all see, we should never question our Dear Leader Barack Obama because we need to "respect the president." As liberals often express, people who disagree should be silenced. They levy ridiculous charges, everything from wanting people to suffer from dirty air and water, to racism. North Korea is truly a liberal paradise, where government can do no wrong, and the people will not criticize their government. If you are a liberal who doesn't think America, its standards of living, and freedom is acceptable, why not make a move there? Instead of trying to fundamentally transform America to suit your ideals, it would be much easier just to go where those standards already exist, wouldn't it? Look at the following satellite photo, taken at night to show lights:

Phony Environmentalists trying to reduce our "carbon footprint" should be ecstatic. They should be the first to make the move over to North Korea. With minimal waste of food, use of electricity, thriving big evil greedy capitalists and businesses, I'm sure they will find the living conditions acceptable. Why not Occupy North Korea instead of Wallstreet?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney Killed My Wife

This world is full of murderers! Do you know anyone who has ever laid anyone off? Has anyone related to the person laid off ever get cancer after the layoff? If so, these business owners are all murderers! Yes folks! Layoffs cause cancer! Since Obama tells us regarding business owners, "they didn't build that," I guess the government is complicit in these murders! Since Obama is the president, he is also complicit with all of these murders by extension! As a matter of fact, since Obama claims responsibility for trying to build business with various legislation, and talks about his successes, he must be the ultimate mass murderer! After all, it is inevitable that all businesses will close at some point, and people will be laid off. Think of all the deaths from cancer to come which he has set in motion by "creating jobs" at these cancer farms! He has affected more people than Romney because the government is bigger than Romney's business. As a result he has murdered thousands by giving them cancer! How can we allow this to stand? I guess since Mitt has given cancer to less people, he is the lesser of the two evils, and we have no choice but to vote him into office in November.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston have vowed to ban Chik-fil-A from their cities. Never underestimate a liberal's willingness to use government to punish private businesses because they disagree with their beliefs.

Today is Chik-fil-A Appreciation day. Liberals spin this event as "anti-gay," when in fact, those who show up know it is about freedom of speech and religion.

The Lamestream media hasn't reported much about it, so today I went to my local Chik-Fil-A to see if anything was actually happening. I took a picture:

Notice the cars parked on the grass and off to the sides. The drive-thru and the inside was packed.

Here's a short video:

These were taken around 2:00pm, not exactly prime lunch time. (Yes that is Limbaugh on the radio.)

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last week, President of Chik-fil-A Dan Cathy is quoted as saying:

"I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,' and I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about," 

What amazes me, is that this surprises anyone. Did these people not know that founder Truett Cathy is a devout Christian? Did they not understand that Chik-fil-A is structured from the ground up as a Christian business? It's closed on Sundays for a reason! Dan Cathy makes these remarks, and suddenly this is the worst thing since Hitler's rise to power? The stench of ignorance is overwhelming.

You see, liberals will hide behind the 1st amendment when trashing public parks and defecating on police cars at occupy rallies, but if Christians express their opinions, then it's okay for government to punish and silence them.

I'd like to see Rahm, Thomas, and these other liberals try to ban Chik-fil-a for thier religious speech. The resulting lawsuits will only serve to embarrass them for being complete morons.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Breast Feeding Bloomberg Locks Up Baby Formula!

Michael Bloomberg comes out with another great idea! Does it ever end?
When we all thought that after his genius ideas about fast food, sugary drinks, smoking, salt, and guns, Genius Bloomberg could not possibly come up with any more great ideas he would like to share with the world. Starting in September, Bloomberg's plan will make baby formula available in NYC only at the hospital when signed out like medication from a doctor. That's not all! Those who want to get the formula will be subjected to a mandatory lecture about what is good for them and their babies.  Bloomberg has once again erected a wall of red tape in order to control behavior because the common people just don't have the intelligence to make good decisions for themselves.

It's called the "Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative"

Now that Bloomberg has created a program built around the idea that without a mandatory lecture, women are too ignorant to be "baby friendly," I wonder if he will promote a similar "baby friendly" lecture given to women before getting an abortion. After all, how can we count on women knowing that the baby would not be born after an abortion any more than we can count on women knowing about breastfeeding? No, Then he would be joining the Republican War on Women, and Democrats say they want government to stay away from choices about women's bodies.

Nanny Bloomberg just wants to take care of everyone! Next thing you know all NYC residents will be in mandatory straight jackets because they might accidentally fall and hurt themselves. Bland tasteless nutrient slop will be fed through a tube to each individual in order to sustain the proper nutritional balance needed for a healthy life. Don't worry about crime, commoners will be disarmed! Government agents will have the authority to walk around with guns to ensure everyone's safety in case someone gets out of their straight jacket and poses a tripping and falling hazard. What could possibly go wrong?

Question: As a leftist, how do you know when you have gone too far left?

Answer: When you have gone so far left, you piss off Whoopie Goldberg.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Genius Bloomberg Strikes Again: "...advocates who think that the right to bear arms allows you to go out and kill people at random."

We have once again been graced by the glittering ideas and thought processes of Genius Bloomberg, drawn out for us in crayon. No Salt, No Slurpees, and now No Guns. You know it's because we all cling to our guns and bibles that forces him to say these things. You see, Mayor Bloomberg is such an elite intellectual, that there is no way we can understand his brilliance. The rest of us are just knuckle-dragging troglodytes that can not control ourselves from creating the worst possible scenario when exposed to any inanimate objects including salt, drinks and guns. Of course none of us find it the least bit astounding that the great city of New York had an entire election, and could not find a single candidate more qualified for mayor. 

Thank you Genius Bloomberg, it would be so much harder for me to illustrate arrogant stateist elitism without your opinions in political discourse. To all of you reading this who believe in the 2nd amendment and own guns, let's take the day off from randomly killing people and reflect on the prismatic enlightenment provided by Brainiac Bloomberg. 

Oops how did that get there? Must be my troglodytic knuckle-dragging tendencies acting up again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cost of Socialism, what the United States has to look forward to.

This post is dedicated to those supporting the Liberal Democrat Socialist Party of the United States, who embrace entitlement programs they call "safety nets," are ignorant of the way a private sector economy works, and do not know the meaning of, but frequently use, words like "suffering" and "poverty."

The average poor American has a higher standard of living than the average European. Let me show you what Liberals are trying to push us toward, and where we will end up. Please tell me more about how socialist countries are doing just fine, and we should follow their lead because they are "Progressive."

Obama doesn't like big oil. He banned drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and stopped the building of the Keystone oil pipeline from Alaska. Recently, Iran threatened again to block the Straight of Hormuz, causing oil to go back on an upward trend. If it was not for new technologies enabling the North Dakota oil boom, the cost of oil would be even higher. Rising oil costs cause every single product to go up in price, because everything needs to be transported, and the cost of transportation is included in the price. In the following video, Britain's food costs skyrocket, causing many to starve and resort to food banks:

In Obama's "Affordable" Healthcare Act the Independent Payment Advisory Board will be in charge of rationing. Obamacare: The right to healthcare insurance, but no right to treatment. How would you like a bureaucrat deciding whether you are important enough to receive medical treatment? A British National Health Service bureaucrat talks about keeping decisions between patients and doctors, then defends rationing of care by zip code: 

The US has a $16 Trillion debt, and spends every penny of what they receive in Social Security tax it does not pay out each year. Entitlement spending like foodstamps, Social Security, Medicare, and now Obamacare dwarfs anything else in our country's spending. When the mindset of entitlement sets in, the use of national debt as a funding mechanism is exhausted, and politicians have no choice but to reign it all in, this is what happens: The Greek austerity riots.

The Fed is looking into more "quantitative easing" today. All this means is they are going to print more money hoping it will somehow spur economic growth. Fed Chief Ben Bernake is an idiot. The more money that is printed, the less it is worth, and this only accomplishes the goal of taking buying power out of your pocket and placing into the hands of the government. The issue today is not that there isn't enough paper money, it's that in this economic climate and the uncertainty that comes from Obamacare, businesses are afraid of spending their cash. Printing will  not cause people to spend their money, it will only make money worthless. Here's a video on the Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe:

Liberals have no new ideas. All of their "Progressive" ideas have been tried, and they have failed. Using the word "Progressive" to describe Liberals is an oxymoron, as they continue to spout ideas from yesteryear pretending they are "new" and "modern." Here's news: The laws of economics haven't changed.

Youtube: More rioting and looting in Greece

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Female Android Sex Toy in Japan

Leave it to liberals to make the female figure into nothing more than a sex toy, while defending the feminist movement.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 Independence Day Fireworks

Took this video with my camera today. Enjoy.

Happy Independence Day 2012

I hope everyone has fun celebrating our freedom and independence from Great Britain! Enjoy the food, fireworks, friends, and family. I just want you Barack Obama supporters, Liberals, anti-capitalists, promoters of dependence on government, tax creators, and other destroyers of freedom to know, that if you go to these celebrations, you are the proverbial floating turd in the pool, and you are turning the country into a giant cesspool.

I've added a new section to my blog: Liberal Media Bias Hall of Shame.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bill Whittle: One For The Team

Brilliant political commentator Bill Whittle gives his insights on the Obamacare Supreme Court ruling and the future.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Egyptian President Morsi Wants Terrorist in US Custody Freed

Today, after taking his oath of office, newly elected Egyptian president Morsi vowed to get Omar Abdel-Rahman freed. Abdel-Rahman was the spiritual leader of those who car-bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, and was convicted in a plot to kill former Egyptian president Mubarak while he was visiting New York.

Morsi also appears to be a 9/11 Truther. "When you come and tell me the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, then you are insulting us. How did the plane cut through the steel like this? Something must have happened from the inside. It's impossible," he said. Does anyone see a pattern here?

Way to go on the "Arab Spring" Barack, you surely made the world safer, especially for Americans, by provoking the removal of Mubarak. Why don't you and Hillary Clinton pressure the Egyptian military to step aside, so this guy can get more power? Oh wait, you already did.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Individual Mandate is Constitutional, Welcome to the People's Republic of America

US flag code: The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except in instances of extreme distress in instances of extreme dangers to life or property

On grounds that the penalty for not buying healthcare is not a tax, Chief Justice Roberts ruled that the Tax Anti-Injunction Statue, which says nobody can sue to stop the collection of a tax until it has been paid, did not apply.

In the same ruling, on grounds that the penalty is a tax, Chief Justice Roberts, who sided with the liberal justices said the law would not be constitutional under the commerce clause, but is constitutional under the taxing clause.


These are dangerous times! Welcome to the People's Republic of America! This is a land where the Federal Government can now mandate you spend your money, or you do whatever they want, as long as they have put in place a monetary penalty for not doing it. They can now mandate your behavior!

It is horrifying the amount of power the Federal Government has just received! Tomorrow, you could be "asked"  to buy an electric car, broccoli, solar panels, a house, contribute to anti-global warming funds or whatever politicians decide, or how about you will be "asked" to contribute 100% of your 401k to the "Happy Security & Safety Government Retirement Fund," or be "taxed" $500,000? If you don't do either, then you have an IRS problem. As long as they fine you for not doing it, they will be able to do do this legally, because the Supreme Court has just ruled that any tax by the Federal Government, enumerated or otherwise is a constitutional tax! We had to amend the constitution to make income tax constitutional because the constitution did not provide for it. How should this be any different? Justice Roberts had to twist and bend until the constitution broke to get this through! How is this even remotely like the country our founders envisioned? 

We must stand strong with Mitt Romney in this upcoming presidential election, maintain the majority in the House and toss the Democrats out of the Senate! The door has been opened for unlimited and unbridled power of the Federal Government to mandate behavior. We need to shut it! If conservatives or at least Republicans do not hold all of the cards January of next year, there will be a slim chance that Obamacare can be reversed before it is implemented, at which point, it will never go away. The implications on how the supreme court managed to call this law constitutional today by using the taxation excuse, however, are chilling. Imagine what the Democrats will make us do, the next time they control the legislature and the presidency! We'll have to wait until the Supreme Court overturns it...FAT CHANCE.

Now that politicians can constitutionally control your behavior, we no longer live in a free country. It just takes a tax for politicians to make us do their bidding!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Arrogant Man In The World

The Day Obamacare Died

Remember how the Democrats passed Obamacare? The House passed it, knowing it was a piece of trash, with the expectations that it would go to the Senate to be amended and sent back to the House. Then, Congressman Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who swore he would vote against the law was elected in the, taking away the Democrat House majority. Knowing that returning the bill to the House would kill the bill, Harry Reid, had his panties in a wad and knew the only way to get something passed, was to pass the bill 'as is' through the Senate. There was all the wheeling and dealing, bread and circuses, with the cornhusker kickback, "blue-dog" Democrats who put on a show and resisted, and Obama lying through his teeth saying it would cut costs, then signing an executive order pretending it wouldn't cover abortions. Obama even talked about doctors cutting off your foot to get paid more:
After all of this absurdity, the Democrats stayed late on Christmas Eve, and without a single Republican vote, passed this $2 Trillion monstrosity saying it was "under $1 Trillion," as if they had done well on the price tag. Nancy Pelosi called this a "Christmas Present." This bill is so bad, that some 1200 waivers have been granted to businesses, and Harry Reid even got waivers for his constituency in Nevada. This bill will cause healthcare costs to jump 7.4% by 2014, and has already caused numerous companies and universities to stop offering health insurance. What a useful expenditure of $2 Trillion in taxpayer money.

Unfortunately, we can not depend on the honest opinion by all of the justices determining whether this bill is in conflict with the US Constitution.  Despite being the solicitor general at the time and cheering the passage of the healthcare law, Justice Kagan did not recuse herself. She was put there by Obama as a "yes" vote for Obamacare. The liberals wanted Clarence Thomas to recuse himself because his wife wants the bill thrown out. Apparently, when it comes to being an impartial judge, what your family members think matters, but what you think does not matter. Democrats being dishonest hypocrites, what a new concept.

The Supreme Court ruling on healthcare is expected tomorrow morning around 10:00 AM EST.  Hopefully they tear up the whole thing and burn it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona Immigration Law: Manchild Wins Again

Today, the supreme court ruled on the Arizona immigration law. 

1 provision was kept in place:

  • Law enforcement to determine the immigration status of anyone stopped by state or local law if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is in the US illegally.

3 provisions were ruled unconstitutional:

  • Crime not to register with federal government & carry registration
  • Crime to solicit work if not authorized to work in the U.S.
  • State/local police arrest without warrant in some cases

 Justice Antonin Scalia read his dissenting opinion aloud:

"There has come time to pass, and is with us today, the spector that Arizona predicted. A federal government that does not want to enforce immigration laws as written and leaves the states borders unprotected. So the issue is a stark one. Are the sovereign states at the mercy of the Federal Executive's refusal to enforce the nation's immigration laws? The State has the sovereign power to protect its borders more rigorously if it wishes, absent any valid federal prohibition. The Executive's policy choice of lax federal enforcement does not constitute such a provision... If securing its territory in this fashion is not within the power of Arizona, we should cease referring to it as a sovereign state."

As the federal government's power has grown, state powers have taken a hit today. Not only do federal laws supersede state laws, but according to this ruling, if the federal government makes a law, and decides not enforce it, then the states are not allowed to enforce it either. This is ridiculous because states are supposed to be sovereign, meaning they are able to stand alone as independent entities. Originally many states would never have never joined the union if they thought they could never leave it, but Lincoln did not allow states to secede, which lead to the War Between the States (Civil War). The legality of secession has never been settled. Scalia's point is that a supposedly sovereign entity should have the inherent right to defend its own borders, and if this is the case, the federal government does not have the power to take it away.

What does this mean when you have a lawless executive branch unilaterally dishing out executive orders which contradict laws approved by the legislative branch, and signed by previous presidents? If it remains unchallenged, it means, whatever Dear Leader says goes, such as allowing illegal immigrants under 30 to live in the US and work illegally with the stroke of a pen. Obama wasted no time today. Right after the ruling, he ordered Homeland Security to suspend immigration agreements with Arizona police. Even though local police have the right to call Homeland Security to verify immigration status of individuals, Obama has ordered Homeland Security to stop taking their phone calls, unless the individual has a felony conviction. Obama is changing immigration policy by fiat, like a dictator, without approval from congress, and with the support of liberal judges on the supreme court, so he can get illegal votes!

The manchild has shown over and over he will selfishly disregard whatever laws he does not like, and is fine with ignoring the entire function of the legislative branch. What if regular American citizens decided to act like selfish children by disregarding laws we didn't like? We'd be locked up! An elected official who has power because it is vested in him by the people, is using power he does not have to override law. The country can not afford to see what the manchild will do with "more flexibility" for 4 more years after the next election! 

We must kick out the tyrant. Some 30% of conservatives are not registered to vote! Inform your family and friends, get them to register, and together we will send Barack Obama back to Chicago, where he can retire, write books, and do some more community agitating!

Washington Times: Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Wins Election in Egypt

On Sunday, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party won the presidential election. Here is a look at the mood in Tahrir Square:

Before you start making celebratory noises like Xena Warrior Princess, let's learn a little more about the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of just listening to the giddy endorsement of liberals or even what Fox News says, look at what 90 year old Gamal Al Bana, the brother of the late founder of the Muslim Brotherhood has to say at 42:14: 

"Not in any way, they do not believe in freedom at all. There is no Islamic authority that respects freedom or democracy," Gamal says. The reporter then asks "What about the Muslim Brother's?" To this, he replied "They are also against freedom." So I guess "Freedom & Jusice" Party is like "People's Republic" as in "People's Republic" of  North Korea?

If you skip back to 17:20 in the video, it shows a little more about Gamal to lend some credibility, and shows how the headscarf Muslim women are wearing is a trend as recent as the 1990s. Gamal says a "women who shows her hair breaks no Islamic law." At 19:22 he says "Muslims have become like monkeys, only imitating others."

The video about the Muslim Brotherhood is very informative. If you want to get a good feel for who they really are, watch the whole thing.

The Egyptian military issued a decree and stripped the presidential position of much of its power, so the military is supposed to be in control despite the election. I question the stability of a government with no parliament, no constitution, and a president who had his power stripped by the military, who also is supported by terrorist organization Hamas. Israeli officials tried to contact the Muslim Brotherhood in recent months through diplomatic channels, but received no response. Israel just became a little less safe, and with Dear Leader in the White House, who partially instigated this mess, it is questionable if they can depend on US military assistance if something happens.

One thing is for sure: I'm not going to go see the pyramids anytime soon.

CNN: Egyptian military holds on to power despite presidential vote
NewsMax: Radical Hamas Cheers Islamist President in Egypt
Wall Street Journal: Islamist Wins Egyptian Vote

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Hollow-Eyed Hippie: Republicans Suppressing Voters.

Previously, Nancy Pelosi's eyes were so obstructed by the generous amounts of botox in her face, that she saw swastikas at Tea Party rallies. Now she says Republicans are holding Holder in contempt because they want to "suppress the vote." I'm going to go line by line through this little act. Sometimes, Democrats just make it all too easy. 

"Instead of bringing job creating legislation to the floor, the transportation bill..."

You see, transportation bills creates "shovel ready" the stimulus bill, $800 Billion, which obviously did so much to keep our unemployment rate from going above 8%.

"...they are holding the Attorney General of the United States in contempt of congress for doing his job."

What Pelosi is saying, is that Eric Holder's primary job function is hiding documents about the justice department ordering the sales of guns to drug traffickers, which in turn enables them to take those guns and shoot hundreds of Mexicans and a US border patrol agent. It is just so wrong that we are holding him in contempt, because he's just doing his job!

"It's really important to note how this is connected with some of their other decisions. It is no accident, it is no coincidence, that the attorney General of the United States is the person responsible for making sure, that voter suppression does not happen in our country, that issues that relate to the civil liberties of the American people are upheld."

Eric Holder has done an outstanding job of "making sure voter suppression doesn't happen in this country." Just ask the Black Panthers, they all agree he is doing a wonderful job. Pelosi is the most qualified person in the room regarding "civil liberties," as evidence by her enthusiastic endorsement and passing of the healthcare bill, which transfers our healthcare choices to the government.

"These very same people are holding in the contempt, are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress the vote."

She is referring to the decisions of several states to check IDs to prevent voter fraud. Denying illegal immigrants, criminals, imaginary people, dead people, and cartoon characters the right to vote is a scheme for voter suppression! You see, it is against their "civil liberties."

"They are closely allied with those who are suffocating the system."

Obviously, Republican's allies have increased our debt to $16 Trillion when the Democrats had the presidency, a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and a majority in the House for 2 years. It's Republican's close allies passing a healthcare bill, which according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce, 73% of small businesses say is an obstacle to hiring. Anyway, we needed to "pass it to find out what is in it." Those evil Republicans, appointed Tax Cheat Tim Geitner as head of the IRS, made friends with terrorist Bill Ayers, gave the medal of freedom to Communist Dolorez Huerta, and has the same ideas as George Soros, who shorts stock, and starts organizations precipitating the failure of the country. Yes, It's Bush's fault that even after Obama's "Summer of Recovery," the economy remained down. Indeed, it's the Republicans who "are closely allied to those who are suffocating the system."

Pelosi, the Holow-eyed Hippie, is like a neon sign, tie-dye patterned, brightly flashing, spinning in midair, emitting the sound of a squealing jackass, with the face of it in big bold letters; it says "LYING POLITICAL HACK." The lies are so outrageously obvious, that they are picked up on immediately. 

One can only wonder if there is a soul on the planet who believes a word of this psychobabble nonsense coming out of her mouth. Who in their right mind believes Republicans are trying to suppress voting? Then again, Adolf Hitler said: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Executive Privilege & Barack Obama:"We're working on gun control under the radar."

Obama is using executive privilege to protect himself from being implicated in Fast and Furious, which is what he meant by "working on gun control under the radar." His own record and use of executive privilege in this context, implicates him. Executive privilege is supposed to be used to help the president gain confidential advice needed to run the country, not to cover up crimes.

According to the Congressional Research Service, for executive privilege to be valid, there are 3 criteria that must be met. Let's take a look at the implications from a light that assumes Obama's use of executive privilege is valid:

1. It falls within the bounds of presidential power: Obama must have knowledge that Fast and Furious falls within his power, such as in the case of law enforcement. This assumes the president is not clueless about Fast and Furious, and knows the program existed and involves law enforcement. The questions are now what did he know, and when did he know it.

2. The communication must have been received by the president or a close adviser: This implicates either the president as someone who has direct knowledge of the information involved in Fast and Furious, or it names Eric Holder as a close presidential adviser. It's doubtful that a close presidential advisor would not have communicated details of something that could destroy an overly political president's re-election chances to Obama. Holder has already been proven as a liar when saying he had no knowledge of this operation, and has been working lockstep with the administration with everything from the Chrysler bankruptcy to immigration. It's also doubtful that all 150,000 pages of documents Holder is withholding is addressed to either him or the president, which makes it questionable that executive privilege can be used to prevent all documents from being handed over to congress.

3. The communication can not contain information which can not be found elsewhere: I believe this point makes the whole thing invalid. Where can you get information on thousands of secret documents anywhere else besides the very documents themselves? If the Republicans contest this and it goes to court, hopefully, the executive privilege should be overturned based on this 3rd criteria alone.

Fast and Furious has nothing to do with giving the president a confidential way of gaining advice. During his time in the senate he has voted against gun rights multiple times. In 2004 he voted against legislation which would protect homeowners from prosecution if they used a firearm to stop a home invasion, in 2003 he voted for a ban on target rifles, black powder guns, and shotguns, and 1996, a ban on sale and possession of handguns. In April of 2012, Mexican President Calderone spoke with Obama about Fast and Furious. Suspiciously, instead of expressing outrage over the operation or anger at Obama, Calderone blamed the 2nd amendment and asked our congress to enact stricter gun control laws.

Knowing Obama's record on gun control, and his propensity to be lawless, along with Mexican president Calderone's seeming disregard for Fast and Furious, while blaming drug violence on the 2nd amendment, what reasonable conclusion are we supposed to come to? The only reason that the president would invoke this last minute stonewalling effort is in a desperate fit to cover himself and his administration. Fast and Furious was designed to give Obama a venue to talk the American people into more gun control laws by pretending loose regulation of American guns were killing Mexicans.

The House Republican majority has gone ahead today and voted to cite Holder on  contempt, for withholding documents in the case, but it was a party line vote. Not a single Democrat voted for it and therefore, it is expected to go nowhere in the Senate. Republicans want to get to the bottom of this, and Democrats are stonewalling! Because some 2500 guns have been sent over the border by US government agents, and Hundreds of Mexicans and a US border agent have been killed, it should be a national issue where both sides agree. There shouldn't be a question that the documents need to be presented so the American people know the truth, yet Democrats are stonewalling to protect their 2012 presidential nominee--another indictment of the Democrat party and its priority to stay in power over national interests.

The Democrats are always talking about compromise. How can anyone compromise with Democrats who are willing to go as far as ignoring the law and obstructing justice to protect their agenda? Democrats and liberals must be ridiculed and defeated. There is no middle ground to work with them, and no place for compromise. We'll just have to wait and see if the Republicans challenge this, and get to the bottom of the lies.

For more info on Mexican President Calderone, see my previous post: Political Hacks of the World Unite!
Fox News: Obama: We're working on gun control 'under the radar.' 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Political Hacks of the World Unite!

Something is not quite right with the Mexican president Felipe Calderone. I believe he has become another lap dog cheerleader of president Obama. He and Obama have much in common: They like to pander to the whims of the masses, do not have the best interest of their countries at heart, and are sadly mistaken in their policies.

Today, he praised Obama's immigration decision on letting illegals work, but this is not the first time this man has spoken out publicly about US Policy. In 2010 and 2011, Mexico sued Arizona and Alabama over trying to enforce immigration laws, and Calderone called the Arizona law a "terrible" endorsement of racial profiling. Meanwhile if someone enters Mexico illegally, they will be locked up and deported. This is a Wolf Blitzer interview of Calderone on Mexican immigration policy:
In short, Calderone believes it's a wonderful thing deserving of praise when Mexicans come into the US illegally and work, but when someone enters Mexico illegally, that's a crime where deportation is required. I suppose if I was Mexican, it would be nice if others couldn't pass our borders illegally, but at the same time I was able to go to the US illegally and get a job without any consequences. Calderone is another pandering political hack! Yes folks, they exist in other countries too!

Secondly, he does not have the best interests of his country at heart. Look at how he dealt with Fast and Furious. He met with Obama earlier this year and talked about about gun trafficking. If he cared about his people, he would be a little concerned, to say the least, for the safety of Mexican citizens after hearing news that the American government was supplying guns to drug cartels in Mexico. This would seem like an act of war! What is surprising is, instead of publicly denouncing the Obama administration for leaking over 2500 guns across the border, or speaking out against the drug cartel induced violence, he blamed our 2nd Amendment, and asked our congress to tighten gun laws. It's obvious, he is not looking for a solution to Drug violence and wants to avoid blaming Obama, so instead, he blames our 2nd amendment.

Thirdly, the motivations for Mexicans wanting to move to the United States is due to a lack of opportunity in Mexico. As the Mexican president, instead of praising Obama for allowing Mexicans to work in the US, Calderone could try to implement policies which would spur economic growth in his own country. If the US was praising some other country for allowing US Citizens to flock there and work illegally, it would be an embarrassment! It would look as if we couldn't sustain ourselves, yet the Mexican president is not only allowing it, he is applauding it!

Calderone, who wants to export his economic failure, who can't even keep his own country safe by stopping drug cartels or allowing law-abiding citizens to own guns, wants to tell the world's sole superpower how a country should be run. At least in this aspect, he is like Dear Leader Obama: He tells others what to do without any idea how to solve problems while making things worse, then puts the blame on other parties following his failure, all in a conveniently politically expedient way. Judging by the state of his own country, he is not the brightest bulb in the room when it comes to policy. This man knows he is a lying hypocrite, and needs to shut up about our policy, and get out of our politics, until he proves himself capable in his own country.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today Dear Leader Magician Obama Pulls a Piece of...I mean a rabbit...Out Of His...hat...And Throws It Against The Wall to See if It Sticks

I think this is the perfect analogy for the new immigration policy. Yesterday, Obama held a speech that was supposed to "hit the reset button" on his campaign by "Framing" the economy. The Speech was supposed to invigorate his campaign, and be new and fresh. It turns out, it was just a repeat of previous speeches.
The speech was such regurgitated nonsense that this time, even the media did not give him a pass. He failed to make people believe his primary focus is on the economy, or that he is the "clear choice on the economy's long-term path."  So what does he do to get everyone to stop talking about it, which would be bad publicity throughout the weekend? Today, the day after giving this speech, he pulls another...rabbit...out of his...hat...and announces new immigration policy.
Unilaterally, and effective today, he has ordered Homeland Security to stop deporting illegal immigrants under age 30 who have lived here for 5 years, and allow them to get work permits.

Hey, if you're a foreigner, and always wanted to come to the US, now's the time! You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on an immigration attorney, or spend months or years waiting! Just walk across the border and say you've been here for 5 years! How are they going to prove that you were not here for 5 years or over 30 years old? You're "undocumented" remember? After getting in, why not vote, so maybe Dear Leader can sign an executive order to give you citizenship, or even let some more of your older buddies in later? It would be "racist" for those evil republicans to deny your your voting rights by checking IDs. Democrat voters forever!

The major problem with illegal immigration, is so basic that it is hard believe it hasn't been dealt with yet. We need to secure our borders to keep citizens safe. Obama stopped the building of the border fence, said building a fence will not work, and cut down on troops patrolling the border. Meanwhile terrorist organization Hezbollah is setting up operations near the border, Drug cartels are killing American border patrol agents and Citizens on jet skis, and Illegals without licenses get away with car accidents. Dear Leader has blatantly ignored National Security concerns on the border.

Obama sees himself as the king as he goes ahead with a portion of the Dream Act, which congress defeated.  If congress, who is supposed to be part of the equation, decided to allow younger illegal immigrants to stay after the border was secured, maybe this could be a legitimate part of the solution. Until the border is secured, however, giving benefits to illegals does nothing but encourage more people to immigrate illegally.

Overall, I think this issue hurts Obama more than helps him, and he is in desperation right now trying to find something to talk about. He has singled out a minority group to "help" while making the majority angry. Hopefully, in November, this...rabbit...will fall back in his face and the voters will give him a swift kick in the...hat...right out of office.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JP Morgan Dog and Pony Show

If you had $130 in your pocket, and you lost $2 is it a big deal? My question is, why are there still congressional hearings on capital hill?

JP Morgan suffered a recent trading loss of $2 Billion. JP Morgan's share price today is around $34, with an outstanding number of 3.8 billion shares. So outstanding shares are worth a total of about $130 billion today. I know their company is worth more than just the oustanding shares, but based on only that figure, $2 billion is about a 1.5 % loss.

Does anyone remember the $800 billion dollar mistake called the Stimulus Bill? Who is being held accountable for that mess, and where are the congressional hearings? I want those responsible brought to justice for lying to the American people saying unemployment would be under 8% because stimulus will create "shovel-ready" jobs. Not only was the failure of Stimulus swept under the rug, apparently it was funny:
Look at the idiot laugh. It's just so funny that "shovel ready, was not as uh shovel ready as we expected." After $800 billion of taxpayers' money, which obviously you and I do not need, and is better served by letting political hacks spend it on pet projects like creating turtle crossings, basket weaving, and studying Alaskan grandparents, it's just so hilarious that it didn't work and the money was wasted.

Note that It is is not just the Democrats participating in this stunt, it's both sides of the aisle acting like they are teachers berating school children. At least when JP Morgan-Chase loses money, it is their own money. When congress wasted money on stimulus, it was taxpayer's money and 400 times more! Now as the wizards of smart, politicians want to waste time demonizing a private company because they made a financial mistake.

In the words of the great philosopher The Joker, "Why so serious?" Congress is just chock-full of financial wiz kids who are ever so qualified to mind other peoples' business. The Democrat run Senate hasn't passed a budget in 3 years, Obama's budget was voted down unanimously, the Federally run US Postal Service loses $1 Billion dollars a month, and our national debt is about $16 Trillion! There is not a reason in the world we should believe political hacks have the intelligence, the know how, or even the motivation to keep banks, or the entire financial industry for that matter, profitable!

Democrats say we need "more regulations" because JP Morgan lost money, when the Dodd-Frank Financial "Reform" Law--another failure, was supposed to prevent this from ever happening again. Am I the only one, or does anyone see a pattern here? 

Our economy is in shambles, the politicians who have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars are running the country in the ground, and instead of addressing the real problems that face our country, they want to waste more taxpayer dollars by holding this dog and pony show in front of tv cameras, by berating a private company who lost a small percentage of its own money. During the hearings, the Occutards are playing right into Democrat rhetoric yelling words like "greed." The whole thing is a joke--unnecessary, senseless, and a mammoth waste of time and money.

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