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Friday, June 15, 2012

Today Dear Leader Magician Obama Pulls a Piece of...I mean a rabbit...Out Of His...hat...And Throws It Against The Wall to See if It Sticks

I think this is the perfect analogy for the new immigration policy. Yesterday, Obama held a speech that was supposed to "hit the reset button" on his campaign by "Framing" the economy. The Speech was supposed to invigorate his campaign, and be new and fresh. It turns out, it was just a repeat of previous speeches.
The speech was such regurgitated nonsense that this time, even the media did not give him a pass. He failed to make people believe his primary focus is on the economy, or that he is the "clear choice on the economy's long-term path."  So what does he do to get everyone to stop talking about it, which would be bad publicity throughout the weekend? Today, the day after giving this speech, he pulls another...rabbit...out of his...hat...and announces new immigration policy.
Unilaterally, and effective today, he has ordered Homeland Security to stop deporting illegal immigrants under age 30 who have lived here for 5 years, and allow them to get work permits.

Hey, if you're a foreigner, and always wanted to come to the US, now's the time! You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on an immigration attorney, or spend months or years waiting! Just walk across the border and say you've been here for 5 years! How are they going to prove that you were not here for 5 years or over 30 years old? You're "undocumented" remember? After getting in, why not vote, so maybe Dear Leader can sign an executive order to give you citizenship, or even let some more of your older buddies in later? It would be "racist" for those evil republicans to deny your your voting rights by checking IDs. Democrat voters forever!

The major problem with illegal immigration, is so basic that it is hard believe it hasn't been dealt with yet. We need to secure our borders to keep citizens safe. Obama stopped the building of the border fence, said building a fence will not work, and cut down on troops patrolling the border. Meanwhile terrorist organization Hezbollah is setting up operations near the border, Drug cartels are killing American border patrol agents and Citizens on jet skis, and Illegals without licenses get away with car accidents. Dear Leader has blatantly ignored National Security concerns on the border.

Obama sees himself as the king as he goes ahead with a portion of the Dream Act, which congress defeated.  If congress, who is supposed to be part of the equation, decided to allow younger illegal immigrants to stay after the border was secured, maybe this could be a legitimate part of the solution. Until the border is secured, however, giving benefits to illegals does nothing but encourage more people to immigrate illegally.

Overall, I think this issue hurts Obama more than helps him, and he is in desperation right now trying to find something to talk about. He has singled out a minority group to "help" while making the majority angry. Hopefully, in November, this...rabbit...will fall back in his face and the voters will give him a swift kick in the...hat...right out of office.

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