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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Executive Privilege & Barack Obama:"We're working on gun control under the radar."

Obama is using executive privilege to protect himself from being implicated in Fast and Furious, which is what he meant by "working on gun control under the radar." His own record and use of executive privilege in this context, implicates him. Executive privilege is supposed to be used to help the president gain confidential advice needed to run the country, not to cover up crimes.

According to the Congressional Research Service, for executive privilege to be valid, there are 3 criteria that must be met. Let's take a look at the implications from a light that assumes Obama's use of executive privilege is valid:

1. It falls within the bounds of presidential power: Obama must have knowledge that Fast and Furious falls within his power, such as in the case of law enforcement. This assumes the president is not clueless about Fast and Furious, and knows the program existed and involves law enforcement. The questions are now what did he know, and when did he know it.

2. The communication must have been received by the president or a close adviser: This implicates either the president as someone who has direct knowledge of the information involved in Fast and Furious, or it names Eric Holder as a close presidential adviser. It's doubtful that a close presidential advisor would not have communicated details of something that could destroy an overly political president's re-election chances to Obama. Holder has already been proven as a liar when saying he had no knowledge of this operation, and has been working lockstep with the administration with everything from the Chrysler bankruptcy to immigration. It's also doubtful that all 150,000 pages of documents Holder is withholding is addressed to either him or the president, which makes it questionable that executive privilege can be used to prevent all documents from being handed over to congress.

3. The communication can not contain information which can not be found elsewhere: I believe this point makes the whole thing invalid. Where can you get information on thousands of secret documents anywhere else besides the very documents themselves? If the Republicans contest this and it goes to court, hopefully, the executive privilege should be overturned based on this 3rd criteria alone.

Fast and Furious has nothing to do with giving the president a confidential way of gaining advice. During his time in the senate he has voted against gun rights multiple times. In 2004 he voted against legislation which would protect homeowners from prosecution if they used a firearm to stop a home invasion, in 2003 he voted for a ban on target rifles, black powder guns, and shotguns, and 1996, a ban on sale and possession of handguns. In April of 2012, Mexican President Calderone spoke with Obama about Fast and Furious. Suspiciously, instead of expressing outrage over the operation or anger at Obama, Calderone blamed the 2nd amendment and asked our congress to enact stricter gun control laws.

Knowing Obama's record on gun control, and his propensity to be lawless, along with Mexican president Calderone's seeming disregard for Fast and Furious, while blaming drug violence on the 2nd amendment, what reasonable conclusion are we supposed to come to? The only reason that the president would invoke this last minute stonewalling effort is in a desperate fit to cover himself and his administration. Fast and Furious was designed to give Obama a venue to talk the American people into more gun control laws by pretending loose regulation of American guns were killing Mexicans.

The House Republican majority has gone ahead today and voted to cite Holder on  contempt, for withholding documents in the case, but it was a party line vote. Not a single Democrat voted for it and therefore, it is expected to go nowhere in the Senate. Republicans want to get to the bottom of this, and Democrats are stonewalling! Because some 2500 guns have been sent over the border by US government agents, and Hundreds of Mexicans and a US border agent have been killed, it should be a national issue where both sides agree. There shouldn't be a question that the documents need to be presented so the American people know the truth, yet Democrats are stonewalling to protect their 2012 presidential nominee--another indictment of the Democrat party and its priority to stay in power over national interests.

The Democrats are always talking about compromise. How can anyone compromise with Democrats who are willing to go as far as ignoring the law and obstructing justice to protect their agenda? Democrats and liberals must be ridiculed and defeated. There is no middle ground to work with them, and no place for compromise. We'll just have to wait and see if the Republicans challenge this, and get to the bottom of the lies.

For more info on Mexican President Calderone, see my previous post: Political Hacks of the World Unite!
Fox News: Obama: We're working on gun control 'under the radar.' 


  1. I agree 100% that this whole thing has to do with gun control.

  2. The regular critics of the Bush administration, who are always there to Blame Bush for every failure of Obama's seem to be missing in action these days. And they seem to be totally ignoring the Executive Privilege order issued in the “Fast and Furious” scandal at the Justice Department.
    You never ever mentioned the murder of Brian Terry, a Border Patrol agent gunned down by Mexican criminals.
    What is President Obama hiding?
    Obama has been caught lying again and again. And what truly surprises me is the fact the American people aren't up in arms over all this as they were over WaterGate!
    This might be the mother of all Bull Crap!
    By invoking executive privilege ,Obama is just about acknowledging that his attorney general was full crap all along.
    Are we talking about about Obamas dismal record?

    Are we talking about Obamas dismal economy?

    Are we talking about Obamas dismal foreign policy?

    Are we talking about RACE? ... no

    We're talking about a subject that Obama has kept on the shelf and brought to the fore at a time and place of his choosing and will continue through the election..

    And please correct me if I'm wrong, but 2 US agents have been murdered with Holder's weapons, didn't they!!.
    Nobody died in Watergate.

    Woodward & Bernstein, where are you now?
    It is just very sad for the country to have such a man in our White House!

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if libtards actually cared about any of this ?

  4. It's Bush's fault! It's all Bush's fault!