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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama's Criminal Department of Justice

Here is a video chronicle of Attorney General Eric Holder's record:

First, he dropped an open and shut case of voter intimidation. Black Panthers who were physically blocking the door to polling places, shouting racial slurs, and carrying night sticks were allowed to do so with no repercussions. 

Next, he allowed Obama to act as a dictator in the Chrysler bankruptcy. Obama decided to flip bankruptcy law on its head by putting union pensions above secured Chrysler bondholders, who legally had the rights to any funds first.

Currently, he is suspected in Operation Fast and Furious, selling guns to criminals in Mexico. He has done his best to sandbag the congressional investigation by first pretending he had no knowledge of gun running, then after being found out, withholding 90% of documents involved. He is suing Florida saying they can not clean up their voter rolls, since Democrats like it when Felons, illegal immigrants, and dead people vote for them. Today, Senator Cornyn is calling for his resignation.

Why does this guy still have a job? Obama.

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