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Friday, June 1, 2012

Clinton Defends...Romney? Obama Campaign Message Crumbling

There is utter dissent in the Democrat Party! I know most of you who follow the news closely, notice that the Democrats and media are usually in lock-step. When one news outlet begins talking about an issue, they all miraculously start saying the same thing and emphasizing it the same way, many times parroting the exact words. For example, the words "the optics," comes to mind when they talked about Obama's frequent vacations, saying "the Optics" might not look good. Another example is when the Democrats passed Obamacare. They all knew the bill was garbage, but they kept together, lying about how it was going to reduce costs. Let's see what Bill Clinton says about Mitt Romney's qualifications for president:

Bill Clinton says that because Mitt Romney has done good work with a sterling business career, and was governor, he "crosses the qualification threshold" for the office of the presidency. This is in direct opposition to everything the Obama administration has been trying to portray Romney as! Obama has been running against capitalism by airing ads presenting Mitt Romney at Bain Capital as being an evil greedy capitalist who ran companies into the ground for large profits at the expense of workers' jobs. This is just one of the ads, and there are plenty of others working in unison:
By saying that Romney has a sterling business career and is qualified for the office of the presidency, Clinton is undermining Obama's entire campaign strategy for re-election. It's unheard of that you see a Democrat, no less a former Democrat president, spitting in the face of a Democrat administration during an election year. Clinton's is just the latest of the growing number of voices defending Romney against Obama's attack on Capitalism. In this next video, CNN rips the above ad to shreds:
So what do we make of all of this? Ever since Obama was campaigning during the 2008 election, the media has been covering for him by avoiding asking him tough questions and doing a thorough examination into his beliefs and background. Just listen to this absurd exchange between Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose. They admit they don't know anything about him, yet they supported him anyway:
Think about this from the media and Democrat's perspective: It is now nearly 4 years later, the economy is in ruins, unemployment is still high, and the country is going through the slowest economic recovery in the history of the United States. Meanwhile, they have been trying to defend Dear Leader from criticism of the evil conservatives the whole time. The failure of the administration becomes more and more apparent with each passing day, and the cover of the media is becoming transparent to the point of obviousness. What can you do to keep Obama from dragging the future of your party and your credibility down with him? Two words: JUMP SHIP. I know it seems impossible, but the Obama administration, which is already a complete failure, will be in even bigger trouble if they do not stop this cascading dissent.

For more information on Obama's attack on capitalism check out my post on May 24,2012: Obama's Attack on Capitalism, Straw Man for Big Bucks 


  1. It's interesting anyway. Trying to get some credibility to build him back up again? Nothing is off the table.

  2. We'll see, but I don't think the Dems are smart enough to do that. They are tearing down his entire campaign premise by defending Mitt. I think campaigning on Communism and Socialism is a losing proposition, but Barack has backed himself into a corner because he has no accomplishments to run on except "I got Osama," and the Navy Seals told him to shut up about that one. He has his class warfare rhetoric left, and he is so out of touch with the rest of the country that he thinks there are enough dependents on the government to stand with him. This is still a center right country, and if nothing changes before election day, he is going to lose in a landslide.