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Monday, June 18, 2012

Political Hacks of the World Unite!

Something is not quite right with the Mexican president Felipe Calderone. I believe he has become another lap dog cheerleader of president Obama. He and Obama have much in common: They like to pander to the whims of the masses, do not have the best interest of their countries at heart, and are sadly mistaken in their policies.

Today, he praised Obama's immigration decision on letting illegals work, but this is not the first time this man has spoken out publicly about US Policy. In 2010 and 2011, Mexico sued Arizona and Alabama over trying to enforce immigration laws, and Calderone called the Arizona law a "terrible" endorsement of racial profiling. Meanwhile if someone enters Mexico illegally, they will be locked up and deported. This is a Wolf Blitzer interview of Calderone on Mexican immigration policy:
In short, Calderone believes it's a wonderful thing deserving of praise when Mexicans come into the US illegally and work, but when someone enters Mexico illegally, that's a crime where deportation is required. I suppose if I was Mexican, it would be nice if others couldn't pass our borders illegally, but at the same time I was able to go to the US illegally and get a job without any consequences. Calderone is another pandering political hack! Yes folks, they exist in other countries too!

Secondly, he does not have the best interests of his country at heart. Look at how he dealt with Fast and Furious. He met with Obama earlier this year and talked about about gun trafficking. If he cared about his people, he would be a little concerned, to say the least, for the safety of Mexican citizens after hearing news that the American government was supplying guns to drug cartels in Mexico. This would seem like an act of war! What is surprising is, instead of publicly denouncing the Obama administration for leaking over 2500 guns across the border, or speaking out against the drug cartel induced violence, he blamed our 2nd Amendment, and asked our congress to tighten gun laws. It's obvious, he is not looking for a solution to Drug violence and wants to avoid blaming Obama, so instead, he blames our 2nd amendment.

Thirdly, the motivations for Mexicans wanting to move to the United States is due to a lack of opportunity in Mexico. As the Mexican president, instead of praising Obama for allowing Mexicans to work in the US, Calderone could try to implement policies which would spur economic growth in his own country. If the US was praising some other country for allowing US Citizens to flock there and work illegally, it would be an embarrassment! It would look as if we couldn't sustain ourselves, yet the Mexican president is not only allowing it, he is applauding it!

Calderone, who wants to export his economic failure, who can't even keep his own country safe by stopping drug cartels or allowing law-abiding citizens to own guns, wants to tell the world's sole superpower how a country should be run. At least in this aspect, he is like Dear Leader Obama: He tells others what to do without any idea how to solve problems while making things worse, then puts the blame on other parties following his failure, all in a conveniently politically expedient way. Judging by the state of his own country, he is not the brightest bulb in the room when it comes to policy. This man knows he is a lying hypocrite, and needs to shut up about our policy, and get out of our politics, until he proves himself capable in his own country.

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