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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg, the Slurpee Nazi

Mayor Bloomberg wants to put a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces:
Is it the government's job to tell you what you can or can not eat and what you can or can not drink? The liberals are "pro-choice" for abortion because they say they want women to have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies. Apparently, the right to choose does not apply when talking about slurpees. You see, having an abortion is a private decision, but choosing what you drink is a government decision. I know that some of you must remember the previous episode of genius by Bloomberg and the salt ban:
Liberal Democrat politicians like to tell us how we should live our lives because they are as pure as the wind driven snow, and we are dirt. They must create mandates to protect you from yourself because they know what is best for you. They are so gracious that they want to rid you the arduous responsibility of taking care of yourself, because it's just too hard for us Americans who cling to our bibles and guns. They believe that the American people are like stupid goldfish who can't and won't stop eating until their stomachs burst.

Look at the idiots at 1:19 in the drink video, and 1:42 and 1:51 on the salt video. If people don't like salt or sugar, they can avoid buying products with those ingredients. Instead, even though it is absolutely none of their business what anyone else does, they think it's a great idea to use the force of government to take away the freedoms of others. This is a perfect illustration of the idiotic liberal mindset which welcomes government intervention over self-reliance and responsibility.

The American people, (most of us,) are not stupid, and we don't need politicians like Slurpee Nazi Bloomberg to save us. Can't you wait for Obamacare to kick in? Then they can find excuses to create new mandates for the whole nation in the pretense that it will lower health care costs. Why, with Democrat mandates, nobody will ever get fat, sick, or die again! Yeah, right.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giving up US Sovereignty One Slice at a Time.

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) gives UN new powers which would supersede the US constitution.

It establishes the "International Seabed Authority" which will regulate mining underseas effectively giving control of all underwater resources on the planet to the UN. Since treaties override the US constitution, the US would have no recourse except to follow dictates of the "International Seabed Authority." This treaty also allows the UN to levy taxes or "fees" as they call them, on countries internationally. 

This treaty has been put up for a vote multiple times in the Senate and rejected, president after president since Reagan. The Democrats are planning to give it another try, but not until after the presidential election  this year to avoid any more controversy during the re-election campaign of Dear Leader. 

Do we really want to cede power that overrides the constitution to the UN? A place that gives the US an equal vote as other countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran? Where they house speeches for crazies like Mamoud Ahmadinejad?

Where they held a moment of silence for mass murdering dictator Kim Jung Il of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)?

Whose members gave accolades to Libya's human rights record?

Accusing Israel of genocide and crimes against humanity, when rockets are constantly fired from Gaza into  Israel?

The Democrats would just love to give away America's sovereignty to the thugs at the United Nations wouldn't they? What do you expect from a party whose first lady is proud of America for the first time in her adult life, only after her husband is elected president? A party with a president who does not see America as an exceptional country? The constitution is here to protect our rights as Americans and should be subservient to NO LAW, much less some garbage treaty that gives up control of oceans, makes Americans citizens pay taxes to foreign entities, and threatens our sovereignty!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pandering Ignorance for Votes

The Democrats have rolled out their new "Voter Empowerment" Bill. After accusing the Republicans of having a "War on Women," now it's time for them to accuse them of having a "War on Voters."

The following video is a Democrat video trying to show what those "Evil Republicans" have done to an old lady by requiring an ID to vote in Tennessee. It shows how much Republicans hate little old ladies.

Le'ts go over a couple of the lies and misrepresentations that make the video fall apart completely:

At 0:59 Bob Bauer, OFA General Counsel member and Obama administration attorney says "Around the country under Republican leadership, various laws have been passed, all of them having the fundamental objective of impeding the right to vote."

You heard it! Bob Bauer is saying that Republicans want to prevent people from voting! Last time I checked, Republicans in office are there because they were elected by voters...who actually voted. (What an epiphany of gigantic proportions.) Judging by last November's midterm elections, they did a pretty good job of it.

How asinine is this for the Obama administration to even try and attack Republicans for preventing US citizens from voting? You see, to Democrats, US Citizens are the same as illegal aliens because illegals need "equal rights." Therefore, if Republicans don't want illegals voting, then they don't want US citizens voting. In a perfectly sane world, Democrats would be laughed into exile. Mr. Bauer, if you still haven't figured it out, let me give you a small hint so that you might be able to guess just why Republicans might want IDs to be verified: VOTER FRAUD
Look Mr. Bob Bauer, what is "CORROSIVE" and eats away at people's sense (2:37), is your belief that the American people are so ignorant or stupid, that you can lie arrogantly through your teeth, to successfully protect the reelection chances of the biggest failure of an administration since Jimmy Carter.

At 1:26 Charlene Kilpatrick says "The law is that you would need an original birth certificate, voter registration card, and 2 pieces of ID in order to be able to vote." Then, at 1:41 Charlene Kilpatrick talks to an empty space as if it were denying Dorothy Cooper the right to vote because she did not have her marriage certificate.

Gee, this will be such a tricky one to prove wrong. Even a liberal should not find it that difficult to go to the Tennessee SOS website and read what the voting requirements are. Maybe the key word here is "read." It says, "all voters must present an ID..." I'm sorry, does the word "an" signify 4 pieces of identification, or just 1? Gee, I'm not sure. Wow, this difficult to find website also tells what IDs are acceptable! If only Obama knew...

Just by briefly looking over the "Voter Empowerment" bill, it looks like they want the U.S. Federal Government to keep up-to-date records on law-abiding citizens, lower the voting age to 16, and have same day registration and voting. Rest assured, the Democrats will surely do away with voter fraud with this new law, which makes it impossible to verify the suddenly abundant number of 16 year olds registering to vote on the same day as the election.

Another funny thing I noticed is under Sec 1303 of this bill. It allows voters who believe they have been subject to voter intimidation to report it to the Attorney General. After all, Attorney General Eric Holder is the poster child of fair and equal treatment in cases of voter intimidation. If black people are intimidated by whites at the voting booth, that's a crime but if Black Panthers stand outside of polling places with night sticks and threaten white voters, that's not a crime.

The Democrats lie to the American people to promote policies that allow criminals to get away with committing voter fraud, and coincidentally they will take any and all votes they can get. Democrat politicians and criminals, peas in a pod.

So what else are we getting in this new law? Well, maybe we'll just have to "pass it to find out what is in it."

Tenessee Secretary of State Voter ID requirements
Full Text HR 5799 Voting Empowerment Act of 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

For many people, Memorial Day is a day to spend more time with their families, to have fun, or just another day off of work. Please try and remember that today is about honoring those brave men and women who gave their lives to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama's Green Energy Layoffs

Yesterday's post was partially about Obama's presidential campaign running against capitalism, where he paints Mitt Romney as an "evil" capitalist monster who funds companies with Bain Capital so he can lay off employees.

Let's look at some of the green energy companies Obama funded with taxpayer's money.

These companies are either already bankrupt, going bankrupt, or having serious cash flow problems.

Both Romney and Obama invest money into businesses. Romney spends his own money to fund troubled businesses, which he thinks he can turn around and make profitable, so he can make money. Obama travels all over the country talking about how great "green energy" is, and spends your money on businesses he wants to make profitable, even if there is no market, so that he can make the political point that "Oil is the fuel of the past."

Liberals like to blame Mitt Romney for any and all layoffs at Ampad, even though he was not on the board of directors and left before it went bankrupt. Lets humor them for a minute. There were about 385 job losses at Ampad. If Mitt Romney is responsible for 385 layoffs because he funded Ampad, how is Obama not responsible for the layoffs of companies he funded using taxpayers' money?

Is the country better off because Bain Capital funded faltering businesses with private money, trying to make them profitable, or is it better off because Obama's socialist policies dictate that government, with your money and $16 Trillion in debt, fund industries with no demand like "green energy?" It doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Remember, Obama said government spending is "what makes this country great."


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama's Attack on Capitalism, Straw Man for Big Bucks

All week, all of us who are following the news have watched this fight over Bain Capital. Obama likes to talk about only the layoffs that took place at Bain capital, but none of its successes to paint Romney as an "evil" capitalist. Meanwhile in the past 2 campaigns, Obama has accepted $92,000 in campaign contributions from Bain Capital. If that company is so bad, why won't he return the contributions? I guess it's just like the deal with Bill Maher's $1 million contribution, and his sudden "evolution" on the gay marriage issue. 

The pattern emerges as follows:
  1. The Obama Administration sets up a straw man argument. These arguments include: "Republicans won't let Sandra Fluke have free contraception because they have a war on women, Republicans, unlike Obama, hate gays, and Romney is an evil capitalist.
  2. The media chorus, whose number 1 job is protecting Obama's reelection chances, chimes in, and tries to make non-issues into issues by running propaganda over and over day in and day out, calling it the "news."
  3. During all of this, Obama is pretending to be the "good guy," and is milking the story for as much money as he can. Notice the fundraiser the day immediately after Obama said he was for gay marriage.
  4. After the bulk of the campaign contributions come in, it turns out it wasn't really a big deal after all because the Democrats don't need to talk about it anymore.
  5. Obama keeps all of the money. It does not matter if he denounces those he got it from.
  6. The administration moves on to the next issue to demagogue Republicans. It seems like they have an endless supply of things to throw at the wall to see if anything sticks, while distracting from Obama's record, and the state of the economy.

In the latest pandering episode to his support base, Obama said Mitt has the "same tired ideas." A phrase we've heard Obama say over and over again, used when blaming Bush. Let's see Obama back in 2011 talking about these "same tired ideas" known as free market capitalism, how "it doesn't work" and "it has never worked."

Obama even runs dishonest ads saying Romney made people lose their jobs at a company called Ampad. They don't tell you that Romney was never on the board of Ampad or the fact that he left Bain Capital 2 years before the bankruptcy in 2001. Watch as some union workers (big surprise), deliver picture perfect lines making Romney out as some kind of monster:

The media chorus talks about Bain Capital with the accepted premise of the Obama dialog. There is a story floating around that talks about Romney shutting down the entire company to find a missing 14 year old girl. He flew employees to New York, set up a command center, and paid employees to walk the streets, ask around, and put up fliers. I could not find any videos of news outlets carrying the story, so I just put up this ad and added a link to Politifact Truth-O-Meter verifying it.  If it was about Obama, the lamestream media would be doing all day specials praising Dear Leader 24/7.

It appears the Obama Administration is desperate for money, and his re-election efforts are looking grim. He can't run on any of his "accomplishments," like the stimulus, healthcare, or bailing out banks and the auto industry. He has already shown he is willing to say anything--including lie, to get money and will even take campaign contributions from sources he denounces publicly. Lying and making issues out of nothing are commonplace in the Democrat party, but this man-child has brought it all down to a new low. Remember, most politicians don't care about you and they don't care about me. They care about money, power, and re-election. Judge them by their motivations, and think for yourself if the actions they will take to get what they want, are beneficial to you.

Full Obama Anti-Capitalism Speech 12/6/2011

Daily Caller: Obama attack ads about Romney and Bain

Politifact Truth-O-Meter on search for the missing girl.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Government School Compassion

At Delton High School, a Florida school near Orlando, school officials confiscate the prescription inhaler of an asthmatic student because the school did not have an updated release form signed by his mother. When the student has an asthma attack and has trouble breathing, the school nurse denies him the medication, does not call 911, locks him in a room, and watches him suffer through a window in the door. When the student's mother finally arrives, he is on the ground gasping for air. His mother calls 911 and presses charges on the nurse; Delton High School, however, stands with the nurse.

This story illustrates the problem with government red tape and zero tolerance policies. Because of regulations and blanket policies, government employees lose their ability to use common sense--even in life and death situations. I know what you are all thinking! You just can't wait until Obamacare kicks in full force huh?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's All For The Children?

The US government education system is failing us. Our government can spend over $10,000 per student, and still have students who can not compete toe-to-toe with their counterparts worldwide. You hear teacher's unions protesting for more funding for education so they can have higher wages and lower class sizes. Democrats, of course, are happy to oblige as long as they can count on a steady stream of votes and money when re-election time comes around.

Democrats pander to unions including teacher's unions. They protect teachers from private sector competition by trying to block charter schools, fight for increases in teacher salaries, and vote for more funding for government education. In return, teacher's unions support the Democrat party by donating 95% of their political contributions to Democrat candidates.

There is a more disturbing trend. Recently, videos have surfaced with teachers who have no qualms lying to, indoctrinating, and using children. Let's look at just a few of these instances:

  • This video shows a teacher yelling at a student because he asked a question about Obama. The teacher has "facts of the day," where she states a fact, and they discuss it during class. Today, the "fact" is "Romney is a bully." A student asks her if Obama is also a  bully because he heard Obama bullied a little girl, and the teacher goes ballistic. She also lies by teaching the students that they can be arrested for speaking negatively about the president of the United States. How's that for education?

  • Here, you will see what amounts to indoctrination of elementary school children. These educators, who only want the best for the children, are forcing them to chant about Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama. The children look at most 7 or 8 years old. Do they look like they have any idea about politics, or the ability to question what they are being forced to say? 

  • In this video, teachers have told their students to join them in a protest against Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who wants to cut spending to keep his state solvent. When asked, the children have no idea why they are there. Shutting down school for the day so you can use children as political props at a union protest sure is a great way to show how much you care about them.

John Stossel's special report "Stupid In America." This video is an investigation of the failure of government education. It sheds light on different aspects of the situation by comparing the abilities of US students to foreign students, showing the attitude of educators about the amount of money the school system needs, as well as hearing from the students themselves.

When is enough enough? The time to abolish the Department of Education and let the private sector take over is long past overdue!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing The Blame Game

We've seen the media fawn all over Obama. Chris Matthews got a thrill up his leg and Newsweek's Evan Thomas called him "sort of a god." So I've created a new section on my blog linked on the right called "All Hail Dear Leader Obama!," where we will discover why even with such greatness, Dear Leader just can't seem to turn the country around.

Food for Thought

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (Russian: Юрий Безменов), a  former KGB agent who defected to Canada, discusses the necessary steps for a Communist takeover of the United States, as well as his previous involvement in the Soviet Union's plans. 

If you are a conservative, watch this video, it will give you some things to think about. If you are a liberal and you don't think you are beyond help, watch it and think about what you want your future to look like.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Racism, White Hispanics, Lies, and Propaganda: A Story of The Divisive Liberal Media

The liberal media will stop at nothing to promote their phony "Progressive" narrative and thier idiotic agenda. They have demonstrated that they are fully capable and willing to make up facts when none are available, misrepresent situations, and flat out lie.

George Zimmerman, a half Hispanic guy kills a black guy name Trayvon Martin with a gun. Race pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get involved. Suddenly Zimmerman is a "White-Hispanic." Meanwhile Obama is still Black. The Black Panthers put a $1 Million bounty on Zimmerman's head--akin to the KKK putting a bounty on a black man--a felony, without the Justice Department or lamestream media making a peep. The exact details of what happened in the situation were not clear and have not been fully released to the public, but the liberal media just keeps speculating. No cuts and bruises on Zimmerman, no drugs in Trayvon's system, racism, words like "Cold-blood killer." MS NBC even edits the 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist. You see, this had to be a story about a white racist murdering a black guy in cold blood because it would not fit the narrative otherwise. Now it turns out, Zimmerman did have cuts on him, Treyvon did use drugs, and the situation had nothing to do with racism.

Next, Liberal Democrats want to make policy because of the "OUTRAGE." GA Democrats decide law abiding citizens should not have the right to defend themselves and try to repeal the Stand Your Ground Law. They would rather we try and run away because we all know the police are always around. Just let the GOVERNMENT handle your safety. When seconds count, the police are minutes away...

I am SICK of these stupid nanny-state Liberal policies which are a disservice to law-abiding citizens, ginned up because of falsehoods and lies, and created to make politicians look important. The lamestream media supports it all the way...

  • Still from ABC's "enhanced" video showing cuts:

  •  PJTV video about PMS-NBCs editing of the 911 call to make Zimmerman look racist:

New York Times Article Calling Zimmerman a "White Hispanic"

Huffington Post: Police Video Shows No Blood, Bruises on George Zimmerman After Killing

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spiking the Football, I, I, I, My My Me

Thanks to all the members of our armed forces for their service. If it wasn't for them putting their lives on the line to keep us safe and defend our constitution, we wouldn't have our freedom.

Facebook & Greedy Democrats

Today, Democrat Senators Chuck E Schumer and Bob Casey have their panties twisted in a wad. They introduced their Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy or "Ex-PATRIOT" Act (don't you love acronyms).

Eduardo Saverin, a Facebook co-founder, 4% owner, renounced his citizenship in September of 2011. As of Facebook's IPO today, he is a multi-billionaire, but because he renounced his citizenship, he does not owe the US government a single penny.  If "Ex-PATRIOT" is passed, the law would unleash the government attack dog, the IRS, to investigate rich* people who renounce their citizenship to see if the only reason is to avoid taxes. If found guilty by government hacks, the act would impose a 30% tax on any future capital gains income of the person no matter where they live in the world...

It's not enough for Democrats that Facebook has created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US, helped drive industry with advertising, given away free services to anyone who wants to join, and generated tax revenue since its inception. Democrats are "OUTRAGED." Obviously, everyone would be better off if Facebook never existed.

Eduardo Saverin did absolutely nothing illegal in renouncing his citizenship or using this tax avoidance strategy. Now Chuck E. Schumer and Bob Casey want to change the rules because they are "OUTRAGED" that someone might avoid funding their continuing spending spree which has put the country about $16 Trillion in the hole.

Let's look at these OUTSTANDING examples of other instances where Democrats were "OUTRAGED" because of tax avoidance (legal) and outright evasion (illegal):

  • Democrat John Kerry docking his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying $70k worth of taxes

  • Democrat Tax Cheat Tim Geitner who says he couldn't figure out the complexities of using Turbo Tax.

We all know that Democrats politicians only want money to "help the little people." It's not like they are a bunch of self-serving, vote-buying, hypocrites who will say or do anything to get re-elected. Just look at all the "OUTRAGE."

*anyone who was worth over $2 million with tax liability of over $148,000 over the previous 5 years.

ABC News article about the Ex-Patriot bill

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spineless Republicans & Dishonest Democrats

Remember back in 2008 when McCain was running for president, and Bill Cunningham was fired because he dared to say Barack Hussein Obama? Now the same BS is happening again. 

Today Mitt Romney repudiated a super pac's idea to run ads about Obama's ties to Reverend Wright for no other reason than apparently it just isn't nice to say bad things about Obama. Race-Baiting Reverend Wright, you know, the one whose pew Obama sat for 20 years listening to him preach scripture straight out of the Bible. Scripture like "God Damn America", "US of KKKA," and the popular bible story about how the government gave drugs to blacks?  Romney says the super pac should be focused on the president's record instead. After all Romney wouldn't want to anger those "moderate independents," who the Democrats and the mainstream media say will flock to their side if we say anything they don't approve of or if we are "too conservative"...We all know being spineless worked out WONDERFULLY for John McCain...

Well what does the Obama Administration think of this? "To launch a multimillion dollar division campaign is not what the American people want," Democrat White House Spokesman Jay Carney Said.

OH REALLY MR. CARNEY? I guess THESE ads are fine examples of  what "the American people want":

  • Democrat Smear campaign to repeal Governer Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

  • Democrat Ad showing Paul Ryan look-alike kicking Grandma in a wheelchair off a cliff 

Will the Republican politicians ever learn not to be the stupid party? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama Says the Rich need to Pay their "Fair Share"

After spending $5 Trillion and losing the country's AAA rating, Obama thinks he has not spent enough and wants to reach his hands into our pockets for more. He then tries to stir up class warfare, pretending the rich don't pay their "Fair Share" when the top 10% are paying 70% of all income tax. 

Income figures viewable at National Taxpayers Union at:


Check out the current US debt here:


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gay Marriage

First of all Obama bringing up this issue at this time is COMPLETELY ASININE with the state of our economy and the national debt; But, i'm going to address it anyway to illustrate how government is too intrusive in our lives. 

I've listened to several talk shows and the news, and nobody has been able to sort this thing out for what it really is. Here are the general Arguments:

1.     Against gay marriage: The bible is against gay marriage and the definition of marriage is "the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife."
2.     For gay marriage: Gays, like straight couples should have equal legal rights to marry because they are people too.

Here's what I think:

If you are a Christian and believe that it is wrong for homosexuals to marry, GREAT! Don't marry someone of the same sex. You can even believe that the gays who get "married" are going to hell because the bible says so. It will not affect your life in any way if the happy ding dongs down the street in unit C want to be together forever. "But marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman," you say...What are you the WORD POLICE? What will you do when you finish fixing all of the misused words in the English language? What's next grammar?

If you are gay and want to get "married" GREAT! Find a pastor who is willing to marry you and do it! You can even call it a "marriage" if you want! You can also call a ping pong ball a parakeet for all I care, it doesn't magically change the definition. All of your friends will accept it as a marriage anyway.

Here is the problem nobody talks about: GOVERNMENT. That's right. It should have absolutely nothing to do with handing out benefits or defining what is acceptable in peoples' lives as long as their behaviors don't interfere with anyone else. Whether or not someone finds homosexuality acceptable is between an individual and their god. The first amendment to the constitution establishes that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." (note: this is not the same as "separation of church and state" which appears exactly zero times in the constitution.) 

The government should give equal rights to all couples who have committed themselves and get as far OUT OF OUR LIVES AS POSSIBLE. As far as the government is concerned they could call it "marriages" for heterosexuals or "civil unions" for gays or "enslaved for life" it does not matter. I'm not a big fan of government taking all of our tax dollars then picking certain groups to bribe in order to encourage behavior politicians deem favorable, including tax breaks to married people. Why not just lower the tax rate for everyone below the rate of couples using the marriage deduction? or better yet, throw out the IRS and enact the Fair Tax?

Liberalism is an Indefensible Position

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents!

As I am writing this, i'm thinking back through the past few years of how our government has failed us. The bailouts of GM and Chrysler, the stimulus bill, Obamacare, the financial reform bill, "investments in green energy" like Solyndra, the economy, and unemployment. As Americans and patriots, we should no longer accept the lies of our political class or the creeping tyranny of government lurching forward to destroy our freedoms and bankrupt our nation!

Today, I have decided to start my first ever blog to educate, inform, and entertain. Here, Liberalism will be exposed for what it really is: The world's biggest lie.