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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's All For The Children?

The US government education system is failing us. Our government can spend over $10,000 per student, and still have students who can not compete toe-to-toe with their counterparts worldwide. You hear teacher's unions protesting for more funding for education so they can have higher wages and lower class sizes. Democrats, of course, are happy to oblige as long as they can count on a steady stream of votes and money when re-election time comes around.

Democrats pander to unions including teacher's unions. They protect teachers from private sector competition by trying to block charter schools, fight for increases in teacher salaries, and vote for more funding for government education. In return, teacher's unions support the Democrat party by donating 95% of their political contributions to Democrat candidates.

There is a more disturbing trend. Recently, videos have surfaced with teachers who have no qualms lying to, indoctrinating, and using children. Let's look at just a few of these instances:

  • This video shows a teacher yelling at a student because he asked a question about Obama. The teacher has "facts of the day," where she states a fact, and they discuss it during class. Today, the "fact" is "Romney is a bully." A student asks her if Obama is also a  bully because he heard Obama bullied a little girl, and the teacher goes ballistic. She also lies by teaching the students that they can be arrested for speaking negatively about the president of the United States. How's that for education?

  • Here, you will see what amounts to indoctrination of elementary school children. These educators, who only want the best for the children, are forcing them to chant about Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama. The children look at most 7 or 8 years old. Do they look like they have any idea about politics, or the ability to question what they are being forced to say? 

  • In this video, teachers have told their students to join them in a protest against Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who wants to cut spending to keep his state solvent. When asked, the children have no idea why they are there. Shutting down school for the day so you can use children as political props at a union protest sure is a great way to show how much you care about them.

John Stossel's special report "Stupid In America." This video is an investigation of the failure of government education. It sheds light on different aspects of the situation by comparing the abilities of US students to foreign students, showing the attitude of educators about the amount of money the school system needs, as well as hearing from the students themselves.

When is enough enough? The time to abolish the Department of Education and let the private sector take over is long past overdue!

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