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Friday, May 25, 2012

Obama's Green Energy Layoffs

Yesterday's post was partially about Obama's presidential campaign running against capitalism, where he paints Mitt Romney as an "evil" capitalist monster who funds companies with Bain Capital so he can lay off employees.

Let's look at some of the green energy companies Obama funded with taxpayer's money.

These companies are either already bankrupt, going bankrupt, or having serious cash flow problems.

Both Romney and Obama invest money into businesses. Romney spends his own money to fund troubled businesses, which he thinks he can turn around and make profitable, so he can make money. Obama travels all over the country talking about how great "green energy" is, and spends your money on businesses he wants to make profitable, even if there is no market, so that he can make the political point that "Oil is the fuel of the past."

Liberals like to blame Mitt Romney for any and all layoffs at Ampad, even though he was not on the board of directors and left before it went bankrupt. Lets humor them for a minute. There were about 385 job losses at Ampad. If Mitt Romney is responsible for 385 layoffs because he funded Ampad, how is Obama not responsible for the layoffs of companies he funded using taxpayers' money?

Is the country better off because Bain Capital funded faltering businesses with private money, trying to make them profitable, or is it better off because Obama's socialist policies dictate that government, with your money and $16 Trillion in debt, fund industries with no demand like "green energy?" It doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Remember, Obama said government spending is "what makes this country great."


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