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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do You Feel Safe?

US Embassy, Libya

US Embassy, Egypt

US Embassy, Yemen

That last video has nothing to do with any of this and doesn't show the abject ignorance of this administration toward the Middle East situation. It's not Obama's fault he supported the Arab Spring. You see, according to the media, it's Mitt Romney's fault for jumping the gun.

See, Obama had nothing to do with national security or foreign policy! He's only the president of the USA. It's Mitt Romney's fault all along! Because Barack Obama is so unquestionably qualified, we need to question if Mitt Romney is ready to be commander in chief! Can you believe the hypocrisy?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

North Korea

Here's an older, but still informative video about North Korea.

Similarly, we can all see, we should never question our Dear Leader Barack Obama because we need to "respect the president." As liberals often express, people who disagree should be silenced. They levy ridiculous charges, everything from wanting people to suffer from dirty air and water, to racism. North Korea is truly a liberal paradise, where government can do no wrong, and the people will not criticize their government. If you are a liberal who doesn't think America, its standards of living, and freedom is acceptable, why not make a move there? Instead of trying to fundamentally transform America to suit your ideals, it would be much easier just to go where those standards already exist, wouldn't it? Look at the following satellite photo, taken at night to show lights:

Phony Environmentalists trying to reduce our "carbon footprint" should be ecstatic. They should be the first to make the move over to North Korea. With minimal waste of food, use of electricity, thriving big evil greedy capitalists and businesses, I'm sure they will find the living conditions acceptable. Why not Occupy North Korea instead of Wallstreet?