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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do You Feel Safe?

US Embassy, Libya

US Embassy, Egypt

US Embassy, Yemen

That last video has nothing to do with any of this and doesn't show the abject ignorance of this administration toward the Middle East situation. It's not Obama's fault he supported the Arab Spring. You see, according to the media, it's Mitt Romney's fault for jumping the gun.

See, Obama had nothing to do with national security or foreign policy! He's only the president of the USA. It's Mitt Romney's fault all along! Because Barack Obama is so unquestionably qualified, we need to question if Mitt Romney is ready to be commander in chief! Can you believe the hypocrisy?


  1. While the Mid East and the rest of the world is engulfed in burning and storming American embassies by Islamist maniacs including Killing and sodomizing an American Ambassador
    Or Dear Leader finds it more interesting and more "FUN" to party-down with Hollywood elites, Basketball thugs, Golfing,and yukking it up with celebrities like Beyonce, and other Hip-Hoppers than to hear those boring security briefings. His entire day is centered around getting himself re-elected . Why bother when he needs to do something important like dealing with American haters and Killers!..

    Yup, he's pretty good at this presidential stuff . . Just ask SmackO'Daddy, he'll tell you!

    And what really pisses me off is that we have 50% of our people who still believe Obama is awesome... Just read these blogs.

    Who let all these stupid people into the country?
    And the media writes about all this craziness about it being Romney's fault for speaking out! Is this world upside down or what!
    What has become of this country? the media covers for Obama who missed the boat and screwed up royally . and these lefties are actually pointing the finger at Romney, I cant believe this.
    Haven't we had enough of Obama and the despicable liberal MSM reporting to cover up and lie for Obama... Obama MUST Go!!

  2. Yes Obama MUST GO, but.... Don't hold your breath.

  3. This man don't know the meaning of "Polite"
    Libyan authority said it was a terrorist attack, other other foreign sources knew it was a terrorist attack even right after the event. So why did President Obama and his administration call it a riot cause by a video? Even after the event and the evidence showed it was a terrorist attack, they continue to call it a riot. Obama on TV and at the United Nation refered to the attack as a reaction to the video. I guess Obama was to busy campaigning to attend any national security meeting. Oh yes, bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is no more! WRONG! Americans lost their lives because campaigning is more important than national security