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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Government School Compassion

At Delton High School, a Florida school near Orlando, school officials confiscate the prescription inhaler of an asthmatic student because the school did not have an updated release form signed by his mother. When the student has an asthma attack and has trouble breathing, the school nurse denies him the medication, does not call 911, locks him in a room, and watches him suffer through a window in the door. When the student's mother finally arrives, he is on the ground gasping for air. His mother calls 911 and presses charges on the nurse; Delton High School, however, stands with the nurse.

This story illustrates the problem with government red tape and zero tolerance policies. Because of regulations and blanket policies, government employees lose their ability to use common sense--even in life and death situations. I know what you are all thinking! You just can't wait until Obamacare kicks in full force huh?

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