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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama's Attack on Capitalism, Straw Man for Big Bucks

All week, all of us who are following the news have watched this fight over Bain Capital. Obama likes to talk about only the layoffs that took place at Bain capital, but none of its successes to paint Romney as an "evil" capitalist. Meanwhile in the past 2 campaigns, Obama has accepted $92,000 in campaign contributions from Bain Capital. If that company is so bad, why won't he return the contributions? I guess it's just like the deal with Bill Maher's $1 million contribution, and his sudden "evolution" on the gay marriage issue. 

The pattern emerges as follows:
  1. The Obama Administration sets up a straw man argument. These arguments include: "Republicans won't let Sandra Fluke have free contraception because they have a war on women, Republicans, unlike Obama, hate gays, and Romney is an evil capitalist.
  2. The media chorus, whose number 1 job is protecting Obama's reelection chances, chimes in, and tries to make non-issues into issues by running propaganda over and over day in and day out, calling it the "news."
  3. During all of this, Obama is pretending to be the "good guy," and is milking the story for as much money as he can. Notice the fundraiser the day immediately after Obama said he was for gay marriage.
  4. After the bulk of the campaign contributions come in, it turns out it wasn't really a big deal after all because the Democrats don't need to talk about it anymore.
  5. Obama keeps all of the money. It does not matter if he denounces those he got it from.
  6. The administration moves on to the next issue to demagogue Republicans. It seems like they have an endless supply of things to throw at the wall to see if anything sticks, while distracting from Obama's record, and the state of the economy.

In the latest pandering episode to his support base, Obama said Mitt has the "same tired ideas." A phrase we've heard Obama say over and over again, used when blaming Bush. Let's see Obama back in 2011 talking about these "same tired ideas" known as free market capitalism, how "it doesn't work" and "it has never worked."

Obama even runs dishonest ads saying Romney made people lose their jobs at a company called Ampad. They don't tell you that Romney was never on the board of Ampad or the fact that he left Bain Capital 2 years before the bankruptcy in 2001. Watch as some union workers (big surprise), deliver picture perfect lines making Romney out as some kind of monster:

The media chorus talks about Bain Capital with the accepted premise of the Obama dialog. There is a story floating around that talks about Romney shutting down the entire company to find a missing 14 year old girl. He flew employees to New York, set up a command center, and paid employees to walk the streets, ask around, and put up fliers. I could not find any videos of news outlets carrying the story, so I just put up this ad and added a link to Politifact Truth-O-Meter verifying it.  If it was about Obama, the lamestream media would be doing all day specials praising Dear Leader 24/7.

It appears the Obama Administration is desperate for money, and his re-election efforts are looking grim. He can't run on any of his "accomplishments," like the stimulus, healthcare, or bailing out banks and the auto industry. He has already shown he is willing to say anything--including lie, to get money and will even take campaign contributions from sources he denounces publicly. Lying and making issues out of nothing are commonplace in the Democrat party, but this man-child has brought it all down to a new low. Remember, most politicians don't care about you and they don't care about me. They care about money, power, and re-election. Judge them by their motivations, and think for yourself if the actions they will take to get what they want, are beneficial to you.

Full Obama Anti-Capitalism Speech 12/6/2011

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Politifact Truth-O-Meter on search for the missing girl.

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