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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spineless Republicans & Dishonest Democrats

Remember back in 2008 when McCain was running for president, and Bill Cunningham was fired because he dared to say Barack Hussein Obama? Now the same BS is happening again. 

Today Mitt Romney repudiated a super pac's idea to run ads about Obama's ties to Reverend Wright for no other reason than apparently it just isn't nice to say bad things about Obama. Race-Baiting Reverend Wright, you know, the one whose pew Obama sat for 20 years listening to him preach scripture straight out of the Bible. Scripture like "God Damn America", "US of KKKA," and the popular bible story about how the government gave drugs to blacks?  Romney says the super pac should be focused on the president's record instead. After all Romney wouldn't want to anger those "moderate independents," who the Democrats and the mainstream media say will flock to their side if we say anything they don't approve of or if we are "too conservative"...We all know being spineless worked out WONDERFULLY for John McCain...

Well what does the Obama Administration think of this? "To launch a multimillion dollar division campaign is not what the American people want," Democrat White House Spokesman Jay Carney Said.

OH REALLY MR. CARNEY? I guess THESE ads are fine examples of  what "the American people want":

  • Democrat Smear campaign to repeal Governer Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

  • Democrat Ad showing Paul Ryan look-alike kicking Grandma in a wheelchair off a cliff 

Will the Republican politicians ever learn not to be the stupid party? 

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