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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Day Obamacare Died

Remember how the Democrats passed Obamacare? The House passed it, knowing it was a piece of trash, with the expectations that it would go to the Senate to be amended and sent back to the House. Then, Congressman Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who swore he would vote against the law was elected in the, taking away the Democrat House majority. Knowing that returning the bill to the House would kill the bill, Harry Reid, had his panties in a wad and knew the only way to get something passed, was to pass the bill 'as is' through the Senate. There was all the wheeling and dealing, bread and circuses, with the cornhusker kickback, "blue-dog" Democrats who put on a show and resisted, and Obama lying through his teeth saying it would cut costs, then signing an executive order pretending it wouldn't cover abortions. Obama even talked about doctors cutting off your foot to get paid more:
After all of this absurdity, the Democrats stayed late on Christmas Eve, and without a single Republican vote, passed this $2 Trillion monstrosity saying it was "under $1 Trillion," as if they had done well on the price tag. Nancy Pelosi called this a "Christmas Present." This bill is so bad, that some 1200 waivers have been granted to businesses, and Harry Reid even got waivers for his constituency in Nevada. This bill will cause healthcare costs to jump 7.4% by 2014, and has already caused numerous companies and universities to stop offering health insurance. What a useful expenditure of $2 Trillion in taxpayer money.

Unfortunately, we can not depend on the honest opinion by all of the justices determining whether this bill is in conflict with the US Constitution.  Despite being the solicitor general at the time and cheering the passage of the healthcare law, Justice Kagan did not recuse herself. She was put there by Obama as a "yes" vote for Obamacare. The liberals wanted Clarence Thomas to recuse himself because his wife wants the bill thrown out. Apparently, when it comes to being an impartial judge, what your family members think matters, but what you think does not matter. Democrats being dishonest hypocrites, what a new concept.

The Supreme Court ruling on healthcare is expected tomorrow morning around 10:00 AM EST.  Hopefully they tear up the whole thing and burn it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Did ObamaCare pass by means of corrupt tactics? Hell, yes it did! If ObamaCare is so great, why did the White House and Democratic leaders have to resort to deception and bribe the Democrats in the Senate and the House for their votes? What is apparent is that we have a White House who is governing with arrogance and are only concerned about their political careers and their ideology. What is even clearer is that those on the far left believe and subscribe to Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals where “the ends justify the means.

    While Obama and Pelosi have been spreading lies about this monstrous power grab cloaked under the guise of healthcare reform, the GOP has been grooming candidates and winning elections. When the president himself starts striking out on the campaign trail for Dems . Then you will see the REAL will of the people!

  2. Obamacare was passed by anti-American socialists, who bullied some moderate democrats into voting with them.
    Obama has already proven himself to be an inept, inexperienced, incompetent, anti-American, socialistic, Muslim-leaning, ex-lawyer dufus.

    Our Supreme Court should be slapping down the idiotic legislation passed by clueless democrats and signed by an equally clueless inept President Obama.
    The court is made of cowards, afraid of doing what they swore to uphold.
    And there is corruption in government because the so called Progressive American people have allowed it!

    The economy is going to plummet as will the Stock Market today and jobless rates will explode.