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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretender in Chief

Recently, leaks have come out about US and Israeli involvement in sabotaging the Iran nuclear program. Obama claims he and his administration have nothing to do with the leaks, and he says, "the notion that my White House would release national security information is offensive." We should believe him because Obama is obviously not a frequent liar with an overly political administration, who lies literally every other sentence. Either way, this is something that "looks good" for the Obama administration because it shows he is strong on national security. This spectacle is much like the political parade for the whole week during the anniversary of killing Bin Laden, in which Navy Seals wanted him to shut up.

Is this president really tough on national security?

Let's look at one of these areas. At this very moment China is developing weapons for space. Here's CNN reporting on it:
Obama promises, including not weaponizing space or developing missile programs:
Obama has cut military spending. He cut pay for soldiers, cut troop numbers, stopped the production of the F-22, and halted the planned missile defense shield in Europe, to name a few. It's okay though, because Dear Leader thinks that he can just talk anyone into whatever he wants from Taliban terrorists to the Olympics Committee, and everything will be okay. He is  doing such a good job of this, he even talked to Russian president Medvedev to let him know he will have "more flexibility" on missile defense after the next election!

What about some areas where Obama has "increased security?" Put these events together and try to paint a picture in your mind. He has signed a bill expanding the Patriot Act, allowing the government to wiretap US citizens making domestic phone calls and spy on US citizens surfing the web. Next, he signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the detention of US citizens by the military indefinitely, and authorizes the use of drones in American skies to spy on US citizens.
Hmm....Who or what kind of enemy is the government equipped to fight with these kinds of new laws? You add all of this to that funny feeling that Eric Holder might have something to do with Fast and Furious, which seems suspiciously like a ploy to take away our gun rights, and what do you get?

I will leave the answer to this question up to you: Do you think the president is really tough on national security, or is he more concerned with United States citizens who cling to their bibles and guns?


  1. What more proof do we need that this president has America on the road to ruin? He wasn't vetted in 2008. Now he has a record and the "historical element" of electing the first black president is over. Hopefully, Americans are more informed and less apathetic this time around.
    Thanks for stopping by TCL and commenting.

    1. I completely agree. I Especially like that clip where Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw talk to each other about how they know nothing about Obama. Thanks for checking out my site and commenting as well!

  2. Obama's irrelevance and incompetence are so apparent that is no longer funny, it's very serious. Even the loyal Obamaniacs have finally begun to discover what a nincompoop fraud he is.
    In fact, even Chris Matthews’ leg has stopped tingling.

    1. I like that word "Obamaniacs" I think I might call someone that to their face. Thank you for your service!