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Monday, July 30, 2012

Breast Feeding Bloomberg Locks Up Baby Formula!

Michael Bloomberg comes out with another great idea! Does it ever end?
When we all thought that after his genius ideas about fast food, sugary drinks, smoking, salt, and guns, Genius Bloomberg could not possibly come up with any more great ideas he would like to share with the world. Starting in September, Bloomberg's plan will make baby formula available in NYC only at the hospital when signed out like medication from a doctor. That's not all! Those who want to get the formula will be subjected to a mandatory lecture about what is good for them and their babies.  Bloomberg has once again erected a wall of red tape in order to control behavior because the common people just don't have the intelligence to make good decisions for themselves.

It's called the "Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative"

Now that Bloomberg has created a program built around the idea that without a mandatory lecture, women are too ignorant to be "baby friendly," I wonder if he will promote a similar "baby friendly" lecture given to women before getting an abortion. After all, how can we count on women knowing that the baby would not be born after an abortion any more than we can count on women knowing about breastfeeding? No, Then he would be joining the Republican War on Women, and Democrats say they want government to stay away from choices about women's bodies.

Nanny Bloomberg just wants to take care of everyone! Next thing you know all NYC residents will be in mandatory straight jackets because they might accidentally fall and hurt themselves. Bland tasteless nutrient slop will be fed through a tube to each individual in order to sustain the proper nutritional balance needed for a healthy life. Don't worry about crime, commoners will be disarmed! Government agents will have the authority to walk around with guns to ensure everyone's safety in case someone gets out of their straight jacket and poses a tripping and falling hazard. What could possibly go wrong?

Question: As a leftist, how do you know when you have gone too far left?

Answer: When you have gone so far left, you piss off Whoopie Goldberg.

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