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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Female Android Sex Toy in Japan

Leave it to liberals to make the female figure into nothing more than a sex toy, while defending the feminist movement.


  1. I can't add much to that. The guy took all my lines, but I will add to what the lady said about the sexual/relationship dysfunctionality found in some guys in Japan.

    A Lot of guys there actually book double occupancy rooms in even expensive hotels and they bring their Nintendo DS created female companion with them. And it's obvious to the hotel staff and registration so it's not taboo apparently.


    Yea, leave it to the Japanese.

    And combine that with those silicon babes you can get on the net for around 6 grand each, and there's gonna be a lot of happy guys who lets just say would otherwise not find themselves in a sexual situation with a female that looks like what these will look like.

  2. Something too comcider for us here in the USA. Hope and Change