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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cost of Socialism, what the United States has to look forward to.

This post is dedicated to those supporting the Liberal Democrat Socialist Party of the United States, who embrace entitlement programs they call "safety nets," are ignorant of the way a private sector economy works, and do not know the meaning of, but frequently use, words like "suffering" and "poverty."

The average poor American has a higher standard of living than the average European. Let me show you what Liberals are trying to push us toward, and where we will end up. Please tell me more about how socialist countries are doing just fine, and we should follow their lead because they are "Progressive."

Obama doesn't like big oil. He banned drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and stopped the building of the Keystone oil pipeline from Alaska. Recently, Iran threatened again to block the Straight of Hormuz, causing oil to go back on an upward trend. If it was not for new technologies enabling the North Dakota oil boom, the cost of oil would be even higher. Rising oil costs cause every single product to go up in price, because everything needs to be transported, and the cost of transportation is included in the price. In the following video, Britain's food costs skyrocket, causing many to starve and resort to food banks:

In Obama's "Affordable" Healthcare Act the Independent Payment Advisory Board will be in charge of rationing. Obamacare: The right to healthcare insurance, but no right to treatment. How would you like a bureaucrat deciding whether you are important enough to receive medical treatment? A British National Health Service bureaucrat talks about keeping decisions between patients and doctors, then defends rationing of care by zip code: 

The US has a $16 Trillion debt, and spends every penny of what they receive in Social Security tax it does not pay out each year. Entitlement spending like foodstamps, Social Security, Medicare, and now Obamacare dwarfs anything else in our country's spending. When the mindset of entitlement sets in, the use of national debt as a funding mechanism is exhausted, and politicians have no choice but to reign it all in, this is what happens: The Greek austerity riots.

The Fed is looking into more "quantitative easing" today. All this means is they are going to print more money hoping it will somehow spur economic growth. Fed Chief Ben Bernake is an idiot. The more money that is printed, the less it is worth, and this only accomplishes the goal of taking buying power out of your pocket and placing into the hands of the government. The issue today is not that there isn't enough paper money, it's that in this economic climate and the uncertainty that comes from Obamacare, businesses are afraid of spending their cash. Printing will  not cause people to spend their money, it will only make money worthless. Here's a video on the Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe:

Liberals have no new ideas. All of their "Progressive" ideas have been tried, and they have failed. Using the word "Progressive" to describe Liberals is an oxymoron, as they continue to spout ideas from yesteryear pretending they are "new" and "modern." Here's news: The laws of economics haven't changed.

Youtube: More rioting and looting in Greece


  1. Dear friends,
    We are a small group of people called the Tea-Party, we are growing every day and soon we will be the largest political group in America. We were formed with ordinary people like you and I, Mom's and Dad's who are sick and tired about the path our country is going. and of Obama's dysfunctional policies,along with his lack of leadership and experience And Obama’s class-warfare tactics ..I am sick and tired of giving this man all these chances and all we see is failure after failure and p his constant playing the Blame Bush game. We see this great country of ours being destroyed and we vow to stop the destruction and reverse the effects that 100 years of Progressives have had on the American way of life... Their insidious attempt to destroy God in our lives, the family, the free market system, while infiltrating our schools and universities to indoctrinate our children... Though we're not here for the sole purpose of keeping Barack Obama from having a second term, it is at this time our highest priority... There is plenty of work to be done once this is accomplished, but nothing much will be relevant should this Marxist / Socialist have another four years to "Fundamentally Transform America"..

  2. There is little doubt that Barack Obama is a full blown socialist cut from the same mold as his father who was a Kenyan Communist. Thanks for adding Defeat Obama in 2012 to your blog roll. Added you to roll there.

  3. .

    "All of their "Progressive" ideas have been tried, and they have failed."

    Facts are facts; Liberals/Progressives got women the right to vote. Liberals/Progressives ended legal segregation. Liberals/Progressives created Social Security and Medicare, Liberals/Progressives passed the Civil Rights Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Affordable Care Act. Each of these liberal/progressive actions have expanded economic opportunity, development and growth for vast numbers of people in USA, and by extension the rest of the world, over extended periods of time.

    You see this as failure? Only because you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge the strength of USA rests in its people working together for the benefits of all.

    "Please tell me more about how socialist countries are doing just fine, ..."

    China, Japan, Sweden, Germany, India, Norway, Australia, and Canada are all socialist countries who are doing just fine. Please name one country without earned benefits (entitlements) of socialism. Tell us how well it is for the people.

    Ema Nymton

  4. .

    "... , the average poor in the US have a higher standard of living than the average european." Really!? Just because you want to believe this and say it, DOES NOT make it so.

    "Do some research before making idiotic statements, ..."

    Please name one country without earned benefits (you snear at them as entitlements) of socialism. Tell us how well it is for the people.

    Ema Nymton

  5. The answer to your first question is "really". Just because you don't want to believe this and say it is not, DOES NOT make it not so. Do some research before making idiotic statements.

    As for your second question, here is your logic: All developed countries have some sort of entitlement, some of the countries are currently doing fine, therefore, socialism is great. Your question is akin to: Name one person who will never die who is doing great. All people die, some of the people are doing fine, therefore death is good thing. Tell me how well it is for these people.

    I see right through you and I know better about your views than you do. As a matter of fact, I don't even really need to respond to your comments, you are making my point for me. You've ignored the Greek riots, Britain's rationing of healthcare, and tried to tell me how great living in India is. This is hilarious. Instead of adding something substantive to the discussion, you posted useless childish dribble to feel validated, and have nothing to support a single thing you say. The point is, liberals are not only ignorant, but not willing to or unable to learn, and anyone who can use their brain reading through these comments will come to the same conclusion. I don't even need to are digging yourself into a hole.