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Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Press Conference

The NRA did an excellent job today of responding to the idiot liberals and representing the situation accurately. I am glad they did not bend to the whims of liberal opinion. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he stole material from my post yesterday. : )

Look at the childish liberal code pink occupiers, with their signs colored with crayons, who refuse to listen to logic. They are perfectly happy disarming people who could have stopped the shooting from happening. The "assault weapons" these idiots want to ban function the same as any semi auto rifle. One shot per trigger pull. 

But what can we expect from liberals except to be abjectly ignorant, and give stupid opinions based on no facts, like children making a scene because they want candy. We should all be glad they didn't show up in vagina costumes like they have in the past. It would be too bad if the janitor had to mop sand off the floor.


  1. So lets talk about Benghazi, I’d love to. I for one have had it with these sick, twisted, brain dead leftist/progressive radicals who are so blinded by their ideology that they don’t even care about the security of this nation, and will do everything say anything including backing up the lies of their beloved leader and then supported his re-election. . It is absolutely outrageous how far they will go. Just listen to them here on these blogs and just read the CRAP on their own blogs You would think that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was running this country and having their Secretary of State and their UN Ambassador parading out in front of the TV cameras LYING this ass’s off for the sake of their Messiah. They are extremely dangerous to this country, and must be voted out. Obama told us that he wants to bring the perpetrators to justice. How about bringing his own Administration to Justice?
    This is worse than Watergate, no one at Watergate was murdered, and Watergate was not an Act of War! I hope that Romney and Ryan called these liars out in front of the nation and the world,bur it didn't mean a damn thing.
    And that Smirking Monkey Biden saying that it was the fault of the Republicans for cutting the funds for security at the embassy. Another lie by that Smirking Jerk.
    This bunch of people are so incompetent it’s a wonder that more people haven’t died. If Obama, Hillary and Rice had the love for their country that Nixon did and if they had any class the three of them would step down, and the news media should be harping about this nonstop. It’s time for a statesman like Romney to be put in office and not the Liberal/Progressive gang of hoodlums.
    And another thing: They blamed a stupid video for this attack, instead of calling it what it was, a terrorist attack. And by saying that it was the “Video” that cause the other riots all over the Mid-East on our Embassy’s. If you recall, there were about 25 other riots following the ones in Libya and Egypt, because of Obama telling them about the “Film” prior to that these scum-bags didn’t even know that a “Film” even existed.

  2. Right on! Right on! One thing I am not sure of, is the incompetence part. He seems to be succeeding in what he wants to do, and fooling the ignorant masses while he is at it.

  3. So, while we taxpayers/business people are in a total quandary about tax planning, Obama and all the other idiots in Washington head home for the holidays. The market only dropped 121 points today, more sure to follow. It only costs a few million for Obama to jet off to Hawaii today, returning Wednesday, and Ím sure going back to Hawaii a few days later. Hey, it́s all free! It́s great to be King.
    You think you are getting screwed now? KEEP COUNT on vacations,and their the cost and the First Wookie's famous trips abound the World with her Holly-weird friends too. She has a nasty habit of demanding and GETTING her own airplane every time she wants it.. on our dime
    This sorry excuse for a Man in the White Hut will get his comeuppance. Not sure exactly when, but it́s coming soon, you can bet on it.
    So if your happy with political corruption, inflation, political corruption, worthless currency, sky high gas prices, political corruption, declining living standards, unemployment, massive political corruption, then you should be happy with Obama!
    Note to ALL you brainless Libs who voted for this cretin..
    And I'd like one of you Libs to tell me can you really be that blind and dumb? Are you still in a trance after Obama being elected the first time? Is this the Changed that you hoped for? I dońt think anyone can give an honest estimate of the damage the Clown from Kenyan has done to our great nation. It is immeasurable.
    And for the first time in my life, I see little hope for the United States. I dońt know if the republicans can ever put together a message, plus find good candidates who know how to keep their mouths shut, to take back the congress and the presidency.
    Obama and his team of Socialist's has been and will continue to be totally inept in handling any of this mess that we are in. His focus now is on destroying Republicans, but that fixation is going to be derailed when the world explodes. The Benghazi attack on Sept. 11th cover-up don’t work out too well and they know it.
    Isn't it a bit confusing that all the details of the Bin Laden raid was in and broadcasted to the world in less than twenty four hours, even and including ALL the national security secrets surrounding it, and yet in this case, even thought they ALL watched it in real time the Benghazi raid is still a mystery to the administration. And yet YOU still defend these Creeps! And by Creeps I mean OBAMA, HILLARY and Susan Rice, and who knows who-else.
    Where was our “Commander and Chief” when Americans were calling for help during a seven hour battle. Was he resting up for his next campaign trip when the “Red Phone” rang in the afternoon.
    So what can we expect from a Lame Duck President? We can expect grid-lock that’s what!.. And that’s exactly what we are getting while The Lame Duck is basking in the sunshine of Hawaii. We can expect a president who will be exceptional angry at those who warned him about the consequences of ignoring the will of the American public. He can also expect that he himself is going to be a hard-assed president in his remaining 4 years. But I think you already know that. So much for the Constitution. Ah yes, but Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.
    I Hope you choke on some bad tofu!

  4. Merry Christmas everyone. lets hope that this new year turns out better than the past.