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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney Killed My Wife

This world is full of murderers! Do you know anyone who has ever laid anyone off? Has anyone related to the person laid off ever get cancer after the layoff? If so, these business owners are all murderers! Yes folks! Layoffs cause cancer! Since Obama tells us regarding business owners, "they didn't build that," I guess the government is complicit in these murders! Since Obama is the president, he is also complicit with all of these murders by extension! As a matter of fact, since Obama claims responsibility for trying to build business with various legislation, and talks about his successes, he must be the ultimate mass murderer! After all, it is inevitable that all businesses will close at some point, and people will be laid off. Think of all the deaths from cancer to come which he has set in motion by "creating jobs" at these cancer farms! He has affected more people than Romney because the government is bigger than Romney's business. As a result he has murdered thousands by giving them cancer! How can we allow this to stand? I guess since Mitt has given cancer to less people, he is the lesser of the two evils, and we have no choice but to vote him into office in November.

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  1. If seems as if you are as sick and tired of these scumbags as I am.
    Well it's high time that they are called on it. And expose the whole bunch for what they really are.
    In my opinion, for what it's worth, maybe the Birthers may or may not have the details right, but they smell something. Could it be that t Obama didn't attend Columbia at all, which would explain why nobody remembers him and why there are no transcripts?
    I think its time we switch from the Tax record questions to making the assertion that Barack Obama WAS a foreign exchange student, and let HIM prove that he wasn't.