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Liberal Media Bias Hall of Shame

Liberal Media Bias
Hall of Shame

There's No Such Thing as Liberal Media Bias! 

Many describe the politicians in Washington as living in a bubble because they do not have the same views as mainstream Americans, and stay in their circles of influence which do not extend past the city limits. The media is full of the same types of people as those in Washington. Their careers are based on getting interviews with politicians, and they consider themselves as part of the "elite." Favorable interviews will yield more interviews, while criticism can close the door on future opportunity, and a better career. When trying to make news, the Moderate Republicans' spineless stances will  never beat those of a rehearsed accusatory chorus of Democrats fabricating crises. Over time, we end up with this propaganda machine for the Democrat party, which parades around as journalism. Still, Liberals claim there is no such thing as left wing bias in media.

Listen to the hostility of this CNN reporter. According to her, liberty has nothing to do with taxes. If we took everything she knew about economics and taxation, and shoved it into an ant's behind, it would rattle around like a BB in a jar.

Here's a reporter on MSNBC, who has the intelligence and reasoning capability of a grapefruit. As you can see, gun are bad, period, end of discussion.

MSNBC hides the race of a man who is carrying an AR-15 at an Obama event so they can fit the story into their narrative. The "racial overtones" are so sad. Whites are racist against Obama because he is half black, while blacks are racist because he is half white. Tea Partiers took the time out of their day to show up at rallies, because they did not realize this before the 2008 elections. My heart goes out to Obama. It must be hard, being a Halfrican-American.

MSNBC edits the Zimmerman 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist.  If Zimmerman was a Hispanic, this never would have happened. You see, Zimmerman is a "White-Hispanic."

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