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Friday, December 28, 2012

NRA: To See Where Gun Licensing Leads Look to Great Britain


  1. I Think Any Conflict More Likely to Be Initiated Now, than Later. Now, and the Leftists/progressives Can Say, the Right Is Loonie Tunes and Whacko, and We Need to Treat Them like Terrorists. Later, as the Prospects for the Loss of Liberties Are More Obvious Even to the Densest among Us, They Will Have a Harder Time Explaining Why Their Restraints on Liberty & Right Are Not Precisely That. By Which Time They Hope Fervently That We Are to Be Disarmed.

    Personally, as Far as I Am Concerned, the Sooner the Fight, the Better.

    Right Now, the Military Are with Us (Or, Just as Importantly, Certainly Have No Love Lost for Obama).

    1. I wonder about the military being with us. Some of them went house to house during Katrina disarming American citizens. I'm not so confident that it will be so cut and dried.